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Double Dragon available on Nintendo 3DS


Double Dragon is already available in the Nintendo 3DS Eshop (virtual console, black and white game).

Billy Run Again by Jean Philippe Biscay (author of Billy la Banlieue and Billy 2)


Jean Philippe Biscay is the original developper of Billy La Banlieue (1986) and Billy 2 (1987), both of them published by Loriciels.

He is programming with his son a new sequel : Billy Run Again for Android, IPhone, Web, Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can subscribe on his web site to know of any advancement.

A remake of Outrun for PC by Barbarian 1987 using basic (QB64)


After a remake of Barbarian and Crazy Cars, F.L. is currently writing a remake of Outrun (beta)

F.L. did program it with in basic (QB64), which is a windows compiler. You can get out your gwbasic or quick basic programs and still run them with QB64, or use the new features bringed by QB64 (like networking).

loading screen of the Outrun Amstrad CPC game

Happy Christmas


It's a bit late to wish your a merry Christmas, I hope so that you received what you were asking for.

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Death Sword for Amstrad CPC(+) 128 Ko (Barbarian updated)


As a Christmas gift, Death Sword is an update of the Barbarian game for Amstrad CPC(+) 128 Kb by Devilmarkus (code), ToTO (Backgrounds Update), MacDeath (additional graphics) and CNGSoft (compression).

What is the link between Saboteur and the Revenge of the Ninja movie ?


Well it's all about the poster's film which really looks like the Saboteur loading screen, I will let you judge.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Saboteur and movie poster of Revenge of the Ninja

Happy new year 2014


Happy new year 2014, I hope you will get what you wish for (for you and all those you love).

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