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DSP v9 beta 3, an Amstrad CPC emulator


DSP v9 beta 3 is an Amstrad CPC emulator (programmed in Delphi, support to compile with Lazarus and Free Pascalhas begun), it supports Amstrad CPC since June 2009.

Amstrad CPC demos on CPC-Power


CPC-Power is the Amstrad program database made by (but not only) Kukulcan and Loïc Daneels. You will find there databases of games, archives (documents like the documentation of CPC), Gamebase CPC, ads, and lately they added an Amstrad CPC demos database. One future feature for this site is to add the demos to my own database, but I will have to find the time for this.

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Rick Dangerous 128plus v1.1 for CPC+


Rick Dangerous 128+ has been updated to v1.1 :

  • cheking of drive B corrected
  • keys for left handed (arrows and copy)
  • fast start with paddle
  • various small fixes

There is now a longplay video of Rick Dangerous 128plus on Youtube :

You can see a video of the first part of Rick Dangerous 128plus, second part of Rick Dangerous 128plus, third part of Rick Dangerous 128plus, last part of Rick Dangerous 128plus on Youtube.

Orion Prime translated in Spanish by CNGSOFT


Orion Prime has been translated in spanish. Yo necessito Orion Prime para jugar un bueno juego (bad spanish translation by myself, dont shoot me).

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