January 2005 archives

01/25/2005 Games menu again

You can see now in the list of the games if an individual game has one or more screenshots.

I am actually slowly updating the data base so that more and more games get screenshots (if I have them) and a link to NVG (and ADATE later).

When I will be done with this big update, I will need all the help I can find to add screenshots to the games which are lacking them. I will announce the procedure later for whose willing to help.

01/24/2005 Games menu

The Game menu let you now download the programs from NVG ftp site, see Batman for example.

01/24/2005 CPC Loader v1.4

CPC Loader is an emulator frontend, a new version is available.

01/23/2005 ManageDsk v0.3

ManageDSK (in english and french) by Demoniak is a windows tools wich :

01/23/2005 Second symbos preview

A new preview of SymbOS is available.

01/23/2005 CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has been updated with 9 new reviews.

01/21/2005 Data base

You can now search the data base by name but also by company/author of program. And soon new features.

01/20/2005 Amstrad CPC at cinema

A late news, last week-end (15th January) a special film was projected at the PloŽrmel's cinema : the screen of an Amstrad CPC, organized by Super Sylvestre (Sucres en morceaux). Too late to go to the cinema, but maybe you could download the video just below :

01/19/2005 Pasmo, a Z80 cross assembler

Pasmo v0.5.1 is a Z80 cross assembler which can compile to various Z80 platforms, including Amstrad.

01/19/2005 news about the SYMBiFACE II (IDE interface)

Dr.Zed had to do some redesign with planned extended features of SYMBiFACE, it will offer :

The price of the full version will be around 100 Euros, but some parts will be optional. Because of the extended design the release is delayed. The mass production should start in the middle of februar, so you need a little bit more patience.

01/18/2005 ConvImgCPC v0.79b

ConvImgCpc has been updated. This windows utility by Demoniak converts PC images to Amstrad CPC screenshots.

01/18/2005 Turbo CPC : an Amstrad CPC using steroids

The C-One has a new CPC core : the Turbo CPC, modified by Tobias Gubener from Daniel Wallner's core, you then get a CPC with a 16 Mhz Z80.

01/18/2005 Symbos preview

A preview of SymbOS can now be downloaded.

01/13/2005 Games screenshots

In the Game menu you can list games, nothing exceptionnal. Now some games have screenshots like Batman. Thansk for MIG for these screenshots which came from his defunct site http://all.free.fr/ (July 2009 update).

01/02/2005 Happy new year 2005

I wish you a happy new year, good health, and an IDE interface for your Amstrad CPC.

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