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Fujinet on Amstrad CPC is a possibility


P.S. : short and quick article, I didn't have time to read Fujinet web site extensively, but I will.

An interesting thead of February 2024 is on CPCWiki about the Fujinet card which may arrive on Amstrad CPC.

I invite you to discover this Fujinet card on their web site and in a Youtube video. This card was made first for Atari 8bit then for Coleco Adam (this computer made me dream after seing it mentionned in a french newspaper, Tilt or Jeux and Stratégie) then on Apple 2. Development is work in progress for the C64 and the Spectrum.

For short (taken from the web site), this card is a multi-peripheral emulator and WiFi network device for vintage computers. What sets FujiNet apart from other WiFi devices is the new Network Device (the N device, or NDEV). The N device allows vintage computers that do not have enough processing power to handle TCP/IP connections talk to the modern internet over WiFi. Virtual adapters have been created for many protocols including: TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, TNFS, HTTPS (SSL/TLS), SSH, TELNET, WebDAV and JSON parser. It also features mass storage emulation, printer emulation with PDF export, vocal synthesis (from what I read on CPCWiki).

My personal opinion is that another hardware expansion for the Amstrad CPC is a good thing, especially as it is already used on several other 8bit computer : one for all and all for one (the four musketeers) ! If you want to participate to this adventure, then go to the Fujinet's discord.

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