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Memoir of Jordan Mechner, already in french and now in english


Replay : Mémoires d'une famille is the history of Jordan Mechner, hist family and the programming of the mythic game Prince of Persia on Apple 2 as a comic.

I was able to buy it directly from Jordan Mechner and I did read voraciously, and I did loan to my mother and other people, all loved it. It's a dive into the history of 20th century in Europe with the Mechner family. The first reading can be difficult because the reading is not linear in time, you jump from one era to another but you really have to hang on because it is simply an extraordinary reading, 320 pages of pure joy, I wished there were more. I rediscovered historical facts through reading it, in addition to discovering the genesis of the Prince of Persia game. And I'll read it again as soon as I get it back from the last person I lent it to.

It is now available in english : Replay, memoir of an uprooted family. Buy it, read it !

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