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ACE v1.24, an Amstrad CPC(+) emulator for MorphOS/Haiku by Philippe Rimauro (and new plugins)


ACE v1.24 is available. Since v1.22, this emulator can use plugins which emulates :

  • Amdrum (Cheetah) sound card which lets play 8bit samples, seen in ads a percussion synthesis
  • X-Mass IDE interface
  • Albireo card by PulkoTronics
  • MultiPlay : supporting mices and joysticks
  • Mirage Imager (a primitive Multiface Two)
  • Multiface Two (new with v1.24)
  • Nova by PulkoMandy, RTC and NVRAM support
  • Amstrad SSA-1 Speech Synthetizer
  • DK'Tronics speech synthetize

A SDK exists if you want to program your own plugin for the ACE emulator.

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