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DrRoland, an Amstrad CPC reflexion game by John Lobo


Dr.Roland is an Amstrad CPC reflexion game by John Lobo, which couldnt be participate to the CPCRetroDev 2020.

The patient is suffering a terrible virus infection, and your role as Dr.Roland is to get rid of those ugly and funky viruses, throwing them colored vitamin capsules. If four elements of the same color get together, all of them will disappear, and you will be one step closer to cure the infection. Dr.Roland is a tetrislike game that you can enjoy alone with your Amstrad CPC, or in a fun battle with a friend side to side.

John Lobo is also the author of another game released in 2016 : Amsthree a free adaptation of the mobile platforms game : Threes. The main goal of the game is to slide cards in a grid to combine them to create the highest multiple of three.

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