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A speedrun of Sorcery by Asthalis in 9 minutes 13 seconds on Amstrad CPC


Sorcery is an arcade/platform game written in 1985 by Dave CHAPMAN, Andy WILSON (programmation) and Ian MATHIAS (graphics), with an idea by Martin WHEELER. It was edited by virgin Games and published by Amsoft. The game was

Sorcery+ is a follow up when you find once again Sorcery but with anonther world where you have to kill the evil necromancer who did emprison your fellow magicians. Beware before finishing the first part and entering the second part of the game, you must have a special item to be allowed to finish the new and second part !

On OursoN Retrogames's youtube channel, Astthalis is showing a speedun in 9 minutes and 13 seconds on Sorcery.

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