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CPC Games Reviews update


CPC Game Reviews used to review only commercial games. Good news is now they will also review newly released games, so go read the last update.

I will myself report the games in the following news later (and add them to the amstrad database).

Sorcery + for windows


Antibug has ported Sorcery+ for windows with the original graphics. For the moment it's a very nice playable beta. The first level where you have to rescue several sorcerers isnt totally completed, lacking the end screen for example, and the second level where you have to kill the evil sorcerer isnt available yet.

On Antibug's main page (french) you will find his own tools for Amstrad CPC developpement.

Archon classic v1.5 update for Iphone


Archon classic the remake for Iphone of Archon, has been updated, featuring a new board layout, characters can level up and gain new abilities, new particles effects for weapons and characters, smarter AI, visual bugs fixed. Multiplayer isnt still available.

The game costs 2,39 € but there is also a free lite version if you want to try the game (with limited features as 6 characters instead of 18 for example).

You can see a video of Archon classic on Youtube.

Orion prime out on 16th September 2009


After the teaser, here comes the announce of the availability of the graphic adventure game Orion Prime on the 16th September 2009. It will be only available in french at this date, but later will be also available in english, german and spanish. You will be able to order in a box with a 3 or 3,5 inch disk.

Also dont forget that Sudoku Master by Eliot should be out today.

Orion Prime loading screenshot Orion Prime screenshot while playing

Sudoku Master by Binary Sciences, an Amstrad CPC reflexion game


Sudoku Master by Eliot is going out on 25th July 2009. It's possible to order a box for 6 € and postage cost.

And if you have some intelligence left, as you will visit Binary Sciences site, you will download the excellent reflexion game Groops.

Power Toppler (Nebulus) for Iphone


Power Toppler is a remake for Iphone of Nebulus with 2 missions of 8 towers, it has been developped by Silver Software. The game cost 1,59 €

You can see a video of this Nebulus remake on Youtube.

Archon classic by React Software for Iphone


Archon is a remake for Iphone of Archon 1, it has been developped by React Games. The game cost 2,39 €, an update to v1.2 is coming soon, and they even plan on multiplayer !

You can see a video of this Archon remake on Youtube.

Rick Dangerous for Iphone


Rick Dangerous is a remake for Iphone of Rick Dangerous, it has been developped by Nicolas Hamel. The game cost 1,59 €.

You can see a video of this Rick Dangerous remake on Youtube.

Tower Toppler v1.1.3 for windows, a Nebulus remake


There is a new version of Tower Toppler since I wrote about this remake of Nebulus, with one more mission of several towers (tower toppler v1.1.3).

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