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Amstrad Générations testing Roland on the Ropes (french)


Two generations are testing Roland on the ropes on Youtube (programmed by Indescomp and released by Amsoft in 1984) : David 40 years old (playing Amstrad CPC at 12 years old) and Ornella 11 years old.

Maziacs Sinclair Zx Spectrum Emulator for Amstrad CPC


Maziacs is a ZX Spectrum game written by Don Priestley in 1983.

It was ported on Amstrad CPC by 40Crisis and sold by DK'Tronics.

The Z80 code is runned natively by the Amstrad CPC Z80, but all Spectrum system calls are managed by a partial emulation of the ZX Spectrum ROM.

As Don Priestley did authorize the download of his games and as Amstrad did authorize the use of the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC ROMs, the package Maziacs Sinclair Zx Spectrum Emulator for Amstrad CPC can be freely downloaded.

Update of Invasion of the Zombie Monsters on Amstrad CPC by Relevo Videogames


Invasion of the Zombie Monsters by Relevo Videogames has been updated (improved performance, support for 2 button joysticks and smoother gameplay). It's a spanish game for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and MSX.

Street Fighter II CPC, work in progress


Hmm, Street Fight II CPC is being developped by Augusto Ruiz (programmation), DaDMaN (graphics) and McKlain (sound). Here are 2 youtube videos :

Cent pour Cent by TotO, do your Amstrad CPC shopping there


Cent pour Cent is a new Amstrad CPC web site where you will be able to buy extensions created and made by TotO :

  • MultiRAM "concept" (still in prototype phase) : a 512KB RAM expansion using the MotherX4 module card format. (8x5cm)The idea is to use a 8x512Kb SRAM IC that allow a design close to a ROM board instead of trying to clone existing DRAM/PAL boards.
  • MiniBooster : it is intended to be a CPC Booster replacement board for users who need to exchange data from a modern computer using USB or Bluetooth (optional module) connexion instead of the old DB9 serial connector. This board is MotherX4 formatted.
  • MotherX4 : a multi-slots board that allow to plug up to 4 expansions to the back of your CPC like the MiniBooster COM board and the FlashGordon ROM board. Made to fit between the CPC and the CTM, its size is the same as a 3" floppy disc.
  • CTC-AY : a card with 2 audio chips (2x Yamaha YMZ294 : AY compatible) on custom ports (no PPI), three left canals and 3 right canals with speaker mono mix and stereo mix, ...

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