August 2006 archives

08/19/2006 - 17:27 - Genesis8 XzentriX 2006 and Gerelakos

The meeting XzentriX 2006 for 8bit computesr including the Amstrad CPC, will take place at Seehaupt (Germany) from 8th September to 10th September 2006. The role playing game Gerelakos will be showed at this meeting, with othyer new software and some special hardware.

08/19/2006 - 17:24 - Genesis8 ManageDsk v1.5

A new version of ManageDSK by Ludovic Deplanque is out. Two .DSK can be used at the same time, and now you can read and write to real disks.

08/02/2006 - 02:40 - Genesis8 Amstrad CPC emulator CPCE v1.60

CPCE v1.60 is out for his ninth anniversary, it features a new debugger much bigger than the old one and LOTS of improvements in compatibility, performance and customization.

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