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Amstrad CPC score contest on Amstree (John LOBO)


Border 0 organizes a score contest, whose rules are below :

1.Use the WinAPE v2.0 Beta 2 emulator
2.Use the following settings :

MEMORY: RAM: 128K / ROM Lower: OS6128 / Upper 0: BASIC1-1 / Upper 7: AMSDOS
3.Load the following DSK of Amsthree
4.Save a SNR session of your game :
4.1.Save ONLY one game per session
4.2.Start at the menu screen
4.3.End at the score menu
5.Send your SNR session with a tag or your name BEFORE the 31th January 2020 to :
Nothing to win except the respect of other who will be able to see the results on the mentionned page, looking at the best SNR on CPC-Power and a video on Youtube.

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