September 2005 archives

09/15/2005 - 02:03 - Genesis8 SymbOS preview 3

The third preview of SymbOS can now be downloaded at this page.

It includes applications like SymCommander (the well known file management tool), MineSweeper (the classic GUI-game) and DiskDeDumper (copies DSK files from harddisc to disc), an extended Control Panel (keyboard, mouse, mass storage devices, background picture) and several more things. A ROM version is included too.

It crashes with the WinCPC emulator, but works well with Caprice and WinApe. If you only have 128 Kb, you should disable the background image (delete the SYMBOS.INI file). At the moment without background image there are 39KB free on a 128K system. That's enough for starting any existing application, but you can't start many at the same time. With a 256KB extension, every existing application can be started at the same time and still have more than 50% of free memory.

SymbOS as a ROM  MineSweeper on SymbOS

09/13/2005 - 20:29 - Genesis8 Symbiface II going to production

The SYMBiFACE II extension card finally is ready for production and can be ordered now !

For more informations visite the Symbiface page and also the ordering page if you want one (but who wouldnt one ?).

If you are forgetful, here is a summary of its features :

30 orders are needed to start the production. The price will be between 100 and 120 Euros, that depends on the amount of orders. Prodatron hope that Dr.Zed will be able to build it for 100 Euro, but better calculate with the worst case.

Production should start end of september (if there are enough orders then) and will take about 3 weeks.

Personal note : we can be sure of nothing in our life, well just one : just after writing this lines, I will order one symbiface...

09/05/2005 - 19:47 - Genesis8 CoPaCabana 0.71

There is a new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CoPaCabana for PalmOS. Most important feature is that it supports 2 key press at the same time (diagonal).

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