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CPCEC, un émulateur Amstrad CPC windows, par CNGSoft, 18ème version


CPCEC est un nouvel émulateur Amstrad CPC par CNGSOFT (sortie initiale en 2019) qui remplace CPCE. Cette 18ème version est sortie hier, le 10 octobre 2020.

Cette nouvelle version apporte :

  • Big changes in the CRTC logic ("Chapelle Sixteen" runs at last!),
  • new support for Dandanator cartridges (now you can play "Sword of Ianna"),
  • partial Playcity support (enough for Targhan and Toto's teasers to work!),
  • more disc protections that work,
  • new debugging functions (looking at graphics, following a timer, skipping scanlines and frames, etc),
  • improvements in the interface...

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