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Port of the Amstrad CPC emulator Caprice32 by Colin Pitrat on Github


Colin Pitrat is the author of a port of the Amstrad CPC emulator Caprice32 initially programmed by par Ulrich Doewich.

Caprice32 features :

  • Complete emulation of CPC464, CPC664 and CPC6128
  • Mostly working support of Plus Range: CPC464+/CPC6128+/GX4000 (missing vectored & DMA interrupts, analog joysticks and 8 bit printer)
  • Joystick support - it can be fully used with joystick only, thanks to an integrated virtual keyboard.
  • Joystick emulation - joystick-only games can be played using the keyboard
  • English, French or Spanish keyboards
  • DSK and IPF files for disks - VOC and CDT files for tapes - CPR files for cartridge
  • Snapshots (SNA files)
  • Direct load of ZIP files (all formats except IPF)
  • Custom disk formats
  • Printer support
  • Memory tool to inspect and modify memory (peek and poke)
  • Experimental support of Multiface 2 (you should prefer using memory tool)
  • Text mode graphics (using aalib or libcaca)

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