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dMagnetic v0.27, a Magnetic Scrolls emulator by Dettus for various BSD and Linux distributions


Magnetic Scrolls is an english editor known for his adventure games :

  • The Pawn (1985)
  • The Guild of Thieves 1987)
  • Jinxter 1987)
  • Fish! (1988)
  • Myth (1989)
  • Wonderland (1990)

Today you can emulate the Magnetic Scrolls games thanks to dMagnetic v0.27 by Dettus which you must compile for several versions of Unix (BSD, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo) with ANSI drawing in a terminal.

The emulator is using the original files of the games for Amstrad CPC, C64, msdos, windows (1991 compilation), .MAG et .GFX files on the magnetic scrolls memorial.

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