December 2004 archives

29/12/2004 CPC Welcome 2005

CPC Welcome 2005 is a german Amstrad CPC meeting for the 20th birthday of the CPC 664 and 6128 and several projects : the official release of the IDE-interface, C-One, MP3-card, CPC-Booster+. SymbOS will be officially previewed at this meeting.

It will take place at :

Falk eSolutions AG
Eurotec Ring 7
47445 Moers

Please check map24 to know how to get there.

For these ones who will come by train, please took the train to Moers main station. We will organise a spontaneous pick up service then.

For these ones, who will come by airplane, I will pick you up at Düsseldorf airport ;-)

It will take place from 14th January 2005 at 19:00 (friday) till 16th January (sunday).

29/12/2004 Amstrad CPC emulator for PS2

PS2CPC is an emulator for PS2 console. Get the christmas pack to use it.

12/29/2004 CoPaCabana v0.5 is out

A new version of CoPaCabana, an Amstrad CPC emulator, is out. It features better emulation and adds sound. MacOS and PalmOS ports are on the way.

12/24/2004 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

12/24/2004 War of the solstice v0.05

Last version of War of the solstice is available, it's a Lords of midnight remake for PC. Just download all of the files marked WOTS_ALPHA_V005*.* and then follow the instructions (WOTS release notes.txt) as to how to piece it all together.

12/23/2004 More informations about the IDE interface

First you should really download a video of Matrix reloaded (10 Mo) and of Troy (15 Mo) running under Symbos with the IDE interface.

The movie player is using the SymbOS-FAT16/32 driver which can load files at a speed of 140KB/s from a IDE HD harddisc up to 128GB. While playing movies in 16K FULLSCREEN we have a quite nice speed of 8fps!

The movie converter and encoder is part of the new SymbOS "IDE" (integrated development environment), which is developed by Trebmint/SymbiosiS and based on object oriented programming for SymbOS.

The harddisc is connected via "SYMBiFACE". It's the first fast IDE interface for CPC and has some more features like PS/2 mouse connector, a real time clock and a 32 Ko ROM (which will permits to load SymbOS in 2 seconds). German page only for the moment, should be translated to english soon.

12/23/2004 CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has been updated with 20 new reviews.

12/21/2004 How to use Contiki

If you have downloaded Contiki from Kevin Thacker site, here is how to use it : press F1, now you can use the left and right cursor keys to choose the menu. Once a menu is open press up and down cursor keys to choose an item. Now press return to select the item.

In the current release there is not much to do. You can only view the processes that are active, or show the About window.

Kevin Thacker is porting the latest contiki source, and should port some applications too.

12/19/2004 What do you want for Christmas ?

What about an IDE interface to connect a parallel ATA hard disk to your Amstrad CPC ? The Dr.Zed IDE-Interface is currently working, it has been tested for Future OS, SymbOS, and should work with Amsdos too.

In fact, you will have to wait a bit more than Christmas, it should be available in January from what says Prodatron.

Noob Inc. seems to be related to this IDE interface, you will find a page about NDOS-ROM, a ROM to read IDE HD with Amsdos. There is more on this site (Sorcery+ 2 for example). At the moment only the NDOS-ROM page exists also in english.

12/10/2004 CPC scene strikes back

CPC Scene is on again. Try to not download all files in one go.

12/08/2004 Want to look photos of Amstrad CPC meetings ?

Then go see Amstrad created by Olivier Floquet/Eliot.

12/03/2004 Improvized meeting's demos

They arrived, there are fresh, well just a bit more than one month, it's the demos made during the Improvized meeting which took place at Coutance (30th October to 1st November 2004). I would like to thank the promoter of this meeting (Olivier Floquet/Eliot), which isnt his first, it's with people like him that the Amstrad scene continue to live.

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