April 2006 archives

04/18/2006 - 20:00 - Genesis8 SymSnap, a (hard)disc snapshot loader for the real CPC

Prodatron has released SymSnap, which let you load emulator generated SNA files into the real CPC and "execute" them ( download link here).

As SymSnap is running in SymbOS you can load the snapshots from a normal CPC disc, a FAT12 PC disc or even very fast from harddisc/CF card.

All what you need is at least a CPC with 320KB ram or more. Of course a harddisc (let's pray, that Dr.Zed finally manages to solve the mouse problem in SYMBiFACE II) or a 3,5" 720KB disc drive would be fine and SymbOS in rom.

SymSnap loads version 1, 2 and 3 SNA files with a memory dump size of 64K or 128K. Currently it doesn't support the advanced information in version 3 SNAs regarding CRTC sync and CPC Plus. Prodatron first want to wait for Richard Wilsons final definition in the new WinApe7 emulator. Most SNAs work fine, but if you experience problems with any SNA file, you can send it to Prodatron (prodatron at prodatron dot net).