Commercial games which are now freely available

If you are looking for commercial Amstrad CPC games, you will only see a few on this page, those whose authors agreed to let them be freely available. For more commercial Amstrad CPC games, you should look to the NVG ftp site or a frontend of NVG as the Amstrad CPC Games Resource.

A7.1.1) Vortex Software

Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, one of the three persons of Vortex Software with Costa Panayi and Luke Andrews, has released the Vortex Emulation Package, all the games of the company for Amstrad CPC, but also for C64, Spectrum and ZX 81. Attention, the games are now FREEWARE, so Vortex Software retains the copyright. Please, do not alter them or make money with them. Get and

A7.1.2) Design Design

Design Design Software have released all their CPC games as freeware. With the permission of the author (Simon Brattel : crem at :

- Tank Busters,
- Dark Star,
- Forbidden Planet.

A7.1.3) Jon Ritman

Some almost freeware : batman, Head over Heels, Matchday I and II, I have word of Jon Ritman which is the author, that Ocean doesn't bother to see these programs to be available. Thanks to them. Don't forget that they still own the copyright, please don't modify the programs.

A7.1.4) Radical Software

Radical Software released Fluff (Plus-only game, and Smart Plus (Plus-only art package, supports new features and overscan) to freeware :

- Fluff,
- Smart Plus, unavailable, send me it if you have it.

A7.1.5) Transoft (France)

Transoft published three games :

- Bad Max (3D aventure),
- Atuahalpa (arcade),
- Les dents de sa mère (adventure).

If you have documentation, send me it to add it to the archives, thanks.

A7.1.6) Sapiens and 'le 5e axe'

These two games were written by Didier and Olivier Guillion, edited by Loriciels, they have now the rights back. Get Sapiens and 5ème Axe

Sapiens exists also for MAC and win9x, go to Myriad Online

A7.1.7) Cobra Soft (France)

CPC versions as the Oric ones of Cobra Soft programs are now freeware, get :

- Cobra Pinball,
- Turlogh,
- Atlantis,
- HMS Cobra.

A7.1.8) Melbourne House

Some of the Melbourne House games are now freely available with the permission of Beam Software ( :

A7.1.9) Lankhor (France)

Lankhor gave the permission to let their old games be freely available, you can check it here. So I am looking for their games, but without any mention of cracker. For french users, go on The X web le manoir de mortevielle where you will find a lot of things about Maupiti Island and le manoir de mortvielle.

A7.2) Utilities

A7.2.1) Prowort

Following recent requests, I (Brian Watson) have now spoken to Peter Campbell (co-owner of Protext etc) and we are making Prowort, the German version of Protext in its AMSDOS version on disc, freeware. The program will be supplied on one 3" disc, and the manual will be supplied as text files on the other 3" disc. The text files will probably require editing to provide a properly formatted printout on the owner's printer. User support is not included. The program will not be supplied on any other disc format, but permission is given for its conversion by a user to run under an emulator on his/her computer(s) only. To get it, see Brian's address at A8.1.3.3

on the two options of terms above, that is :

1) 5 pounds enclose no discs, or
2) 1 pound, enclose two 3" discs.

Please apply using a padded envelope, enclose a return label, and please send payments as sterling cash or cheques/postal orders/IMOs payable to "BA Watson".


E-mail me at protext at for any Protext-related enquiries.

A7.2.2) Tuss and Pro-Ext by Sentinel Software

Tuss : utility to find sprites in games.
Pro-Ext : Protext enhancement providing clip art and headline facilities.

A7.2.3) Arnor ROMs

Arnor ROMs are now free for use with emulators ONLY, yes that doesn't mean you can blow these ROMs to use them on a real CPC, only with emulators.