July 2004 archives

07/28/2004 Workshop : a CPC and CPCNG meeting

As announced 11 days ago, there will be a CPC,CPCNG and other 8bit computers meeting from the 19th to 22th August in Luneville (France), near the Nancy city (also near german border). You will find more informations about this meeting here.

Also to help me adding content to the site, the menu has been moved to the top of the screen so I will have more space horizontally.

07/27/2004 Amstrad Action n2 available

Issue 2 of Amstrad Action is now available on CPC Oxygen.

07/25/2004 Play to Midnight/MU (beta)

If you know Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge, you may be interested in Midnight/MU, an online multiplayer version of Lords of Midnight. It's a beta though at the moment.

07/24/2004 New presentation of the news

As you can see I have changed the presentation of the news, using Cascading Style Sheets.

07/24/2004 Playing Deflektor on PC

You had 3 days to play Deflektor in your browser, here is a link to play Deflektor on your PC. A new version with better graphics is announced.

07/24/2004 CPC Loader : an emulator frontend

CPC Loader is a frontend for most of the Amstrad CPC emulators (v1.2 - 5 July 2004). It's a nice program, I urge you to visit its web site for more informations about its features (including support for screenshots) and to download it.

07/20/2004 Use your brain : play Deflektor

In 1987 Costa Panayi wrote the Amstrad CPC game Deflektor (Vortex Software). This game is now playable as a java applet on L'applet Deflektor (french). There are five levels, and you can write your own levels to be added to this java version.

07/20/2004 FutureOs available in french

Here we are, FutureOs is now available in french if you want to refresh your french learned at school. More on the Small-C compilator which can be used to write programs under FutureOs soon.

07/18/2004 Help writing an adventure game on Amstrad CPC

Creation d'un jeu d'aventure pour AMSTRAD (french) is a site looking for more people to create an adventure game for Amstrad CPC. If you can make picture, sounds, program, write the scenario, you will be welcomed.

07/17/2004 CPC on a C-ONE !

An Amstrad CPC 464 core has been developped on the C-ONE (an upgraded C64).

07/17/2004 CPC and CPCNG meeting at the end of August

Christophe Guelff has announced that a CPC and CPCNG meeting will take place in Luneville, a city in north east of France and near Germany. It should be in the end of August. The CPCNG mainboard will be showed at this meeting.

07/17/2004 FutureOs available in french next week

FutureOs should be available next week in french. This Amsdos replacement already exists in german and english. There will be also a new version of FIOLIB, a library to create more easily FutureOS programs in C with the Small-C compilator.

07/02/2004 New ArnoldX version

A new version of ArnoldX is available (Arnold for Xbox).

07/01/2004 Ze Meeting 2004 soon

Ze Meeting 2004 will take place as usual in Bassoues (France - gers) starting 6th August to 8th August 2004. You have to pay 10 € each day (for 3 meals and sleeping). You will find all informations about this meeting (in french) by following this link.

F-Key, a group member of Revival just let out a preview of his Amstrad CPC demo : Great Teacher AC 01.

Phoenix informatique (french) is organising a programming contest. You must write a small basic program of no more 2 lines ! Time limit to send your program is 9th July.

Another map made by Roudoudou of the Bruce Lee game :

map of the game Bruce Lee

You will find other maps on Nostalgia Video Games.

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