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RASM v0.110 par Roudoudou, un assembleur/désassembleur (multi plate-forme) pour Amstrad CPC


La dernière version de RASM (v0.110) est sortie le 27 févrierr 2019. Cet assembleur/désassembleur multi plate-forme (entre autre linux, windows, mais pas que comme MorphOS sur Amiga) permet de programmer pour Amstrad CPC.

The online documentation is available.

update v0.109
- bugfix crash when trying to save with a negative size
- bugfix crash case with macro and wrong parameter number
- bugfix EDSK update
- IFDEF/IFNDEF now scans for macro names
- TZX/CDT output support (not working)
- RUN directive may use unknown var as parameter
- embedded Rasm may return info struct about errors and symbols

There is more different files to download:
- msdos version
- windows 32bits executable
- windows 64bits executable (20% faster than 32bits version)
- sources

update v0.110
- allow numeric expression beginning with +
- bugfix uninitialized memory reads and memory leaks with embedded Rasm

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