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ACE v1.1, an Amstrad CPC emulator for MorphOS


ACE v1.1 is an Amstrad CPC emulator for MorphOS by Philippe Rimauro (written in C).

  • ACE does not allow emulation of a CPC+ with CRTC 1,
  • ACE does not hurt the PSG musics,
  • ACE does not damage what is displayed of the screen,
  • ACE does not embed too many integrated monolithic tools,
  • ACE does not need a nuclear power plant.
  • ACE does only allow emulation of real CPC,
  • ACE does emulate an accurate PSG the way it is mixed on CPC,
  • ACE does show on screen what the real CPC would,
  • ACE does offer infinite expansion capabilities thanks to it's AREXX interface,
  • ACE does run one frame on a small little G4.

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