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Le voyage de Nephi by Patrice Brochard, an Amstrad CPC game inspired by a comic book


Patrice Brochard has released an Amstrad CPC game : le voyage de Nephi which is written in basic 1.1 (464 with basic 1.0 won't work). This game is inspired by the comic book by Patrice himself : Les Damnés du Royaume des Ombres.

It's a labyrinthe game only playable with the keyboard, using mode 1 ith 3 colors (the 4th is used for some effects). The game is free but if you want to help its author you can buy tome 1 and 2 of the comic book and you will get a box for your game.

The game will be played by JB le Daron on Twitch tonight at 11pm (french hour).

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