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New game by Reidrac : Kitsune's Curse for Amstrad CPC 464


The last game by Reidrac (Juan Martinez) is out since the 17th April : Kitsune's Curse.

Kitsun'es curse is the following of Golden Tail, where the Osaka Castle was released from the evil summoned by the dark heart of the Shogun. But not all ended well for everybody.

When the true nature of our hero Kitsune was revealed, something unexpected happened: he shape-shifted into a fox-man.

To make things worse, when he woke up after the transformation, the talisman had been stolen by the Yiga. This clan is known for their dark arts and their deals with the Yōkai (supernatural monsters), and it is believed that they hide it now in Akasaka Castle, trying to subjugate the power of the stone.

You play the role of the ninja spy, who is on a mission to steal the Golden Tail from the Yiga clan, and hopefully use it to break Kitsune’s Curse.

Kitsune's curse was tested by Xyphoe onr Youtube.

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