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Xalk by Anthony HENRIQUES in 1991, 2017 and 2019


Xalk is a match 3type game written by Anthony HENRIQUES in 1991 and published in the issue 33 of the Amstrad 100% newspaper in January 1991, following the release of the game Klax.

In 2017 Anthony HENRIQUES rewrote parts of the game : diagonal matches and combos, bug crushing. The speed at the start of the game is more or less random and the game can be paused with the Space key.

In 2019 Tom et Jerry, Kukulcan for the programmation and Ixien for the music also did enhance the game once more.

To see Xalk in the video, go to 7 minutes and 34 seconds.

This information comes from CPC Rulez which points on Homebrew.AT where you will be able to also download a cover for the game. All downloads are coming from CPC-Power.

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