Amstrad CPC programs starting by character U

U*berk L. halgatte 1986    
U-29 Submarine Genesis Soft 1986    
U.N. Squadron Capcom 1990    
Uchi mata Martech 1987    
Ufo Scull pd      
Ulises Opera soft 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ultima Ratio by GameBase CPC

Ultima Ratio   1987    
Ultimate collection        
Ultimate fight (the) Y. baudoin 1987    
Ultimate golf / shark attack Gremlin graphics 1990    
Ultimate tetris (the) Dreadnought 1994    
Ultron 1 Chip 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ulysse by GameBase CPC

Ulysse   1988    
Underground adventure P. gerrard      
Underwater search P. witsen 1985    
Underwurlde Ultimate      
Unhallowed Blerkotron 2019    
Unidos (ROM) Offset 2021    
Union jack 1 Core 1986    
United Kingdom Fishing Contest Ken GOODMAN, Michael KELDALL   Yes  
Unitrax Domark 1987    
Unknown (7 disc pack)        
Unknown planet Bm eaton 1990    
Unknown treasure D.gibbon      
Unpredictaball David BRADLEY, Dean HICKINGBOTTOM 1992    
Untouchables (the) Ocean 1989    
Up for grabs Alternative software 1988    
Up periscope Argus press 1984    
Up the ladder R. gilbert 1990    
Uranium   1986    
Urge D. kennedy 1992    
Uridium Andrew BRAYBROOK 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Usagi Yojimbo by GameBase CPC

Usagi Yojimbo Beam Software 1988 Yes  
Use it   1985    
Use your eyes P. sorensen 1986    
Use your loaf R. slater / the guild      
Usine de ciment de mario (l')        
Utopia   1985    
Uwol 2 Quest For Money The Mojon Twins 2013