Amstrad CPC programs starting by character N

N-sub Stephen Gray 1984    
N.A.R.C. Sales Curve Interactive 1990 Yes  
N.E.X.O.R. Design design 1986 Yes  
Nakamoto Power house ?      
Nanako Descends to Hell The Mojon Twins 2009    
Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle The Mojon Twins 2009    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Narco police by GameBase CPC

Narco police Dinamic 1990    
Nathan Ecoles Francais CE2 Cedic/Nathan 1988    
Nathan Ecoles Francais CM2 Cedic/Nathan      
Nathan Ecoles Francais CP - CE1 Cedic/Nathan 1988    
Nathan Ecoles Maths CE1 Cedic/Nathan 1988    
National (the) New projex 1989    
Natit 2 Mebc 1991    
Naufrage F. gaudin 1988    
Naufragio Rymsoft 1987    
Navidad   1986    
Navy Moves Ignacio ABRIL, Jorge AZPIRI, Fernando CUBEDO, Luis ROYO 1988    
Navy Seals James HIGGINS, Warren LANCASHIRE, Martin Mc DONALD, Matthew CANNON 1990    
Nebulus Chris WOOD, John PHILLIPS, J. Dave ROGERS 1988   Yes
Necris-dome (the) Codemasters / c.a. sharp 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Necromancien (le) by GameBase CPC

Necromancien (le) Ubi Soft 1987 Yes  
Neil android Alternative software   Yes  
Nemesis Konami 1987    
Nemesis iv Cascade games 1986    
Nemesis the Warlock Neil DODWELL, Jas AUSTIN, Dave DEW, Rob HUBBARD 1987    
Neptune   1989    
Neptuno (submarino experimental) Ediciones manali s.a.      
Nervous breakdown Bidouille soft 1985    
Nether earth Icon Design Ltd 1987    
Netherworld Chris WOOD, J. Dave ROGERS 1988    
Never Ending Story (the) Ian WEATHERBURN, Simon BUTLER, Fred GRAY 1985 Yes  
Never ending story 2   1991    
Never mind the nasties Romantic robot 1986    
New adventure M. goetz      
New market D. andrews      
New market: the card game S. bissel 1988    
New york warriors Virgin games 1990    
New Zealand Story (the) Taito 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Nexus by GameBase CPC

Nexus Nexus 1986    
Nibbler B. bosso 1985    
Nibbler M. winklbauer 1985    
Nibbler Mosaik software 1984    
Nick faldo plays the open Mindgames / argus 1986    
Nick robot        
Nigel mansell's grand prix Martech 1988    
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Michael CHILTON 1992    
Night booster Cobra soft 1985    
Night gunner Digital integration 1986    
Night Hunter Olivier MARTY, Patrick DAHER, Christian Morel BAHLER 1990    
Night raider Gremlin graphics 1988    
Night rider   1986    
Night shade Ultimate 1985 Yes  
Night shift Lucasfilm Games 1990    
Nightbreed - The Action Game Clive BARKER 1990 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Nightmare maze by GameBase CPC

Nightmare maze Blue ribbon 1986    
Nimitz   1988    
Ninja Brian BEUKEN, Jim WILSON 1990    
Ninja (from entertainment usa) Mastertronic 1987    
Ninja Carnage Oriens, 4pLaY, Grass666, CeD, Fra, Dya, Tom et Jerry 2020    
Ninja collection Ocean 1992    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Ninja commando by GameBase CPC

Ninja commando Zeppelin games 1988    
Ninja Grannies Dean HICKINGBOTTOM, David BRADLEY 1989    
Ninja hamster Crl 1987    
Ninja massacre Codemasters      
Ninja Master (the) Firebird 1986    
Ninja Scooter Simulator Probe Software 1988    
Ninja Spirit IREM Corporation 1990    
Ninja Warriors (the) Taito Corporation 1989    
Nite time A. scully      
No Exit François NEDELEC, Joseph KLUYTMANS, Mike Daniel POLYDORE 1990    
No Exit (GX4000) François NEDELEC, Joseph KLUYTMANS, Mike Daniel POLYDORE 1990    
Nobody is watching you        
Nocturne Alpha omega software / crl / charles sharp 1986    
Nodes of yesod Firebird / odin 1986    
Nogalious LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS 201x    
Nomad Ocean 1986    
Nonamed Dinamic 1986    
Nonterraqueous Mastertronic 1985    
Normal kombat Tom dean 1994    
North & South Infogrames 1988 Yes  
North sea bullion adventure Kuma / m. shaw 1985    
North star Gremlin graphics 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Nosferatu the vampyre by GameBase CPC

Nosferatu the vampyre Crl / pyranha 1986    
Nosod Jb. emond 1987    
Not a penny more, not a penny less Domark 1987    
Noughts & crosses M. bews      
Noughts & crosses game M. rison 1989    
Noughts and crosses   1992    
Noughts and crosses / o's & x's Cascade games 1986    
Nova Incentive 1987 Yes  
NOW! Brainstorm 2010    
NQ!-Music Disc Markus MACHEREY 2018    
Nuclear alert L. paquin 1987    
Nuclear bowls Zigurat / diabolic software 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Nuclear defence by GameBase CPC

Nuclear defence James Software Ltd 1986 Yes  
Nuclear heist Players 1986    
Number 1 Duke & jona 1986    
Number circle R. swaine 1990    
Number painter Ask 1984    
Number scoffer        
Nythyhel / files of the occult T. collins 1986