Amstrad CPC programs starting by character C

C.A.O. Loriciels 1986    
Ca va Peter Zorglub        
Cabal Tad Corporation 1989    
Cable quest Ghost busters      
Cacodemon J. davidson      
Caecila metella J. moulding 1994    
Caesar's travels Mirrorsoft 1985    
Cafard   1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cahier de textes by GameBase CPC

Cahier de textes        
Calc Benito DIZ 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Calcul by GameBase CPC

Calcul F. Abella 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Calcul Infernal by GameBase CPC

Calcul Infernal LMC Software      
Calcumat Micro Application 1986    
Caldero Magico (el) Angel GARCIA DELGADO      
Calife P. schack 1986    
California games Epyx 1987    
Camelemaths Core 1985    
Camelemots Core 1985    
Camelot warriors Dinamic / ariolasoft 1986    
Campaign 1815 J. brimley      
Campeones Indescomp 1985    
Can I cheat death S. avery 1990    
Can Robots Take Control Krusty, Targhan, Voxy, Tom and Jerry 2021    
Canadair Fil 1987    
Cannon fodder Odiesoft      
Canyons of cannons T. meier 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cap horn by GameBase CPC

Cap horn Coktel vision 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cap sur dakar by GameBase CPC

Cap sur dakar Coktel vision 1986    
Capcom collection Us gold 1992    
Capital Quiz 2! (Reverse edition!) Sakis KAFFESAKIS 2020    
Capital Quiz! Sakis KAFFESAKIS 2020    
Capitan Sevilla   1988 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Capitan Trueno (el) by GameBase CPC

Capitan Trueno (el) Javier Bravo Palacios 1989 Yes  
Captain america B. cocchi 1987    
Captain america defies the doom tube Probe 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Captain dynamo by GameBase CPC

Captain dynamo Codemasters 1992    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Captain Gordon by GameBase CPC

Captain Gordon EFI 1986    
Captain Kidd Phil COOMBS 1985    
Captain kook P. cardin & p. reynolds      
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Mindscape 1990 Yes  
Captain starship's test R. kempf 1986    
Capucine Ere informatique 1987    
Car massacre Le bouil      
Cargamento espacial        
Cargo king Ab gardner 1985    
Carlos Sainz Jose Miguel SAIZ GOMEZ, Manuel ROSAS, Jose Antonio CARRERA MERINO 1990    
Carmen sandiego Broderbund 1990    
Carnival Masks (the) Stephane F. 2019    
Carnival shoot out        
Carre chinois        
Carre magique T. vannary 1985    
Carres magiques   1986    
Carrier Command Realtime Games Software 1989    
Carson city Elice 1986    
Carte d'Europe VIFI-INTERNATIONAL 1985    
Carto manie F. pesin 1986    
Cartoon capers in ghost town F. neary      
Cartoon collection Codemasters 1992    
Cartoons Ubi soft 1990    
Casa, al otro lado de la tormenta (la) Pablo Martínez Merino 2019    
Casanova Iber soft 1989    
Case of missing adventure        
Case of the Mixed-up Shymer (the) Sandra Sharkey      
Case of the Obscene Mural (the) Nic Ford 1986    
Case-briques G. goument 1986    
Cash Book Terry WILEY 1991    
Cashbook Softgold 1985    
Cashbook Accounts Saxon Computing 1985    
Casino international costa del pontoon        
Casse briques P. duhot 1987    
Casse du Siecle (le) Ariolasoft 1986    
Casse mots   1987    
Casse tete de l'ane G. clavreul 1986    
Casse-briques R. gutierrez 1985    
Casse-briques Venance 1985    
Casse-tete D. drugmanne 1986    
Casse-tete chinois Jp. sacaze 1987    
Casse-tete ferroviaire G. chevalier 1986    
Castel robot        
Castle adventure B.m. eaton      
Castle adventure simulator Rantanplan software 1993    
Castle assault Blue ribbon 1986    
Castle blackstar Scr adventures / m. sheppard 1984    
Castle dracula Level 9 / old piano factory / r. davies      
Castle Master Domark 1990 Yes  
Castle Master II - The Crypt Incentive 1991 Yes  
Castle mystery B.m. eaton      
Castle of eagles L. stewart logan      
Castle of fear Smiddy & noels 1986    
Castle of the skull lord Samurai software / d. heaton 1984    
Castle warlock K. bond      
Castlemaze adventure        
Catacombes S. vallois 1986    
Catastrophes Andromeda soft 1985    
Catch D. hall 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Catch 23 by GameBase CPC

Catch 23 Martech 1987    
Catch the flork Pd      
Caterpede M. dunlop      
Cauchemar   1987    
Caught somewhere in time Anquetil 1990    
Cauldron   1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cauldron II by GameBase CPC

Cauldron II Richard leintellner 1986    
Cave J. koeplinger      
Cave capers P. robson & p. reynolds / robosoft      
Cavemania The Shaw Brothers 1991    
Cavern Logistrad ? 1987    
Cavern Of Death Juliet Software 1987    
Cavern patrol        
Cavernes de thenebe (les) Softbook      
Caverns of mars A. bolton 1985    
Caves (the) E. spicer      
Caves 90 S. netherwood      
Caves of Bewbews Edmund Spicer 1990 Yes  
Caves of darkness E. kingsmill / data pd 1991    
Caves of doom (the) Mastertronic 1985    
Caves of Horwar (the) Odiesoft 1989    
Caves of lore C. street      
Caves of treasure (the) E. spicer      
Cb madness Dino / scull pd      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game CBasic Compiler by GameBase CPC

CBasic Compiler Digital Research 1985    
Cecco collection Hewson 1990    
Cedric and the lost toys S.w. lucas 1986    
Cendrillon L. chabert 1986    
Centipede Dk' tronics      
Centipede Inc. / b. dambron 1985    
Centipede T. mathias 1988    
Centipods A. chapman 1987    
Centithief F&j. akinlawon 1988    
Centre court tennis Epic soft 1984    
Centurions Ruby spears entertainment 1987    
Centurions power-xtreme Reaktor      
Cer-bert L. paquin 1986    
Cerberus Players 1986    
Cero Absoluto David MACHO 2016    
Cessna over moscow Cobra soft / hitech 1987    
Cetro del sol (el) Toni PERA 2015    
CEZ Collection Volume 1   2008    
Chain Reaction Paul D. WALKER, Rob HUBBARD 1988    
Chaise electrique        
Challenge Foot Generation 5 1992    
Challenge of the Gobots Ross GOODLEY, Tony CROWTHER 1987    
Challenge one        
Challenger 2014 Lmc software 1987    
Challenger amsdames   1986    
Champ D. RITCHIE 2014    
Champ de carottes        
Champ de mines        
Championnat   1987    
Championship boxing A. andrews      
Championship golf Activision / gamestar      
Championship Jet Ski Simulator Codemasters 1989    
Championship sprint Electric dreams 1988    
Chance in Hell (a) Steven FLANAGAN 2014 Yes  
Chaos maze (the) The hobbit / len townsend 1992    
Chaos Rising EgoTrip 2018    
Chaos Rising Part 2 EgoTrip 2021    
Charlie and the chocolate factory Soft option / h. macgibbon 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Charlie Bound Sound by GameBase CPC

Charlie Bound Sound LMC Software 1991    
Charlie Chaplin Tiertex 1987    
Charlie rend fou        
Charly Diams Jean-Philippe BISCAY 1987    
Chars d'assaut   1985    
Chart attack Gremlin graphics 1992    
Chart busters        
Chase H.Q.   1989    
Chasm capers T. blakemore 1985    
Chasse a l'homme O. riche 1987    
Chasse au warlog (la)        
Chasse aux canards (la) Jc zakaria 1986    
Chateau du diable (le) P. schweitzer 1985    
Cheap detective (the)   1985    
Cheman Mojon Twins 2019    
Chemin de fer        
Chenille et choux   1987    
Cheops No man's land 1985    
Chepulo 2010        
Cheril Of The Bosque The Mojon Twins 2010    
Cheril Of The Bosque En Otro Bosque The Mojon Twins 2020    
Chess +        
Chessmaster 2000 (the) Ubi soft / software toolworks 1990    
Cheval H. bonnard 1987    
Chevalier Blanc (le)   1987    
Chevalier kunibert        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Chevy chase by GameBase CPC

Chevy chase Hi-tec software 1991    
Chibi Akumas (Episode 1 : Invasion!) Keith56 2016    
Chibi Akumas (Episode 2 : Confrontation!) Keith56 2017    
Chicago Activision      
Chicago Deca soft 1990    
Chicago 30's Topo soft 1988 Yes  

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Chicago 90 by GameBase CPC

Chicago 90 Patrick LE NESTOUR, Cedric CAZAL, Aurelien MURRU 1989    
Chichen itza Dinamic / aventuras ad 1992    
Chickin chase Firebird 1985    
Chiffres et des lettres (des) Loriciels 1987    
Chiffres et des lettres (des) M. buzon 1986    
Chiffres magiques (les) B.E.S. 1984    
Chiller Mastertronic 1985    
Chimera P.S.I. 1985    
Chinos (los)        
Chip 2   1986    
Chip's challenge Epyx 1990    
Chirologie Patrick ROUILLIER 1985    
Chirologie Nicolas Le CORVIC 1987    
Cholo Firebird 1987   Yes
Chomedu Thierry LOISEAU, Michel LOISEAU, Jeannine LOISEAU 1988    
Chomper P. stanley      
Chopper squad Interceptor software 1985    
Chose de Grotemburg (la) Olivier MORAZE, Nicolas GOHIN, Didier QUENTIN, Philippe MONTEMBAULT, Samuel MORILLON, Xavier TALGORN 1987    
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Warrior Positive 1990    
Christmas collection Hewson 1990    
Christmas crackers        
Christmas eve D. andrews      
Chronos Mastertronic 1987    
Chubby gristle Grandslam 1988    
Chuck yeager's advanced flight trainer Electronic arts 1988    
Chuck yeager's simulator Electronic arts 1987    
Chuckie Egg A&F Software 1985    
Chuckie Egg 4 Dave Edwards 2022    
Chuckie Egg II A&F Software 1985    
Chug S. mccormick 1990    
Chunky Chan Optimus, CeD, voxy, sice 2010    
Cid (el) Manuel ORCERA, Francis MORAGREGA 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cine clap by GameBase CPC

Cine clap Ubi soft 1986    
Cine sex L. franz 1989    
Cine-strad Say bourbon 1987    
Circle zap        
Circuit 24        
Circus - circus Martech 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Circus folie by GameBase CPC

Circus folie Lmc software 1991    
Circus folies S. tibero 1986    
Circus games Tynesoft 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cisco Heat by GameBase CPC

Cisco Heat Moonstone COMPUTING 1991    
Citadelle Hervé Monchatre 2005    
Cite perdue (la) Excalibur 1987    
City cobra        
City for ransom J. packham 1987    
City of flames T. kingsmill      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game City slicker by GameBase CPC

City slicker Hewson 1986    
Claimed Activision      

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Clash by GameBase CPC

Clash Jean Claude ZANINI, Serge ZANINI, Philippe MARCHISET, Michel RHO 1987    
Classic adventure Abersoft 1984    
Classic arcadia 1 collection Alternative software 1993    
Classic arcadia 2 Alternative software 1993    
Classic axiens Bubble bus 1987    
Classic Games 4 CP Software 1989    
Classic Invaders Paul MIDCALF, Nick JONES, Melvyn GRANT 1986    
Classic muncher Bubble bus 1987    
Classic punter Gti 1989    
Classic racing Amsoft 1985    
Classic Runner LMC Software 19??    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Classic Trainer by GameBase CPC

Classic Trainer Steve BYE 1989    
Classiques volume 1 Titus 1987    
Classiques volume 2 Titus 1987    
Claustrophobia R. nixon 1986    
Clever & Smart   1988 Yes  
Clever & Smart 2 Emilio MARTINEZ, Miky, Pablo TOLEDO 1989 Yes  
Clevermind Kukulcan, CED, ToTO, Rayxamber, Galamoth 2019    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Climb-It by GameBase CPC

Climb-It   1985 Yes  
Clinique du docteur spountz (la)        
Clouds with Virgins in the Skies Optimus, akilittleprinces 2012    
Cluedo Leisure genius 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cobra (cobra soft) by GameBase CPC

Cobra (cobra soft) Cobra soft 1985    
Cobra (loriciels) Loriciels 1987    
Cobra Force Optimus, Neil HILL, Adrian LUDLEY 1989    
Cobra pinball Cobra soft 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cobra stallone by GameBase CPC

Cobra stallone Ocean 1987 Yes  
Cobra's Arc Luis MEZQUITA RAYA, Ignacio Ruiz TEJEDOR 1986    
Coccinelle 21th century soft 1987    
Coccinelle (la) F. carbonero 1987    
Cockaigne Ulchew software 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Code de la route by GameBase CPC

Code de la route        
Code Machine (the) Picturesque 1985    
Codename Mat 2 Derek BREWSTER, Brian H. JOBLING 1985    
Codename Mat 3D Micromega 1985 Yes  
Codename midnight sun J. betteridge      
Codigo secreto Jb sant cugat      
Coffre fort        
Coffret cadeau Coktel vision      
Coin-op hits        
Coin-up hits Us gold 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Colbert 1.0 by GameBase CPC

Colbert 1.0 P. BONNET 1985    
Colditz escape Frank FRITDD 1986    
Coliseum Black system 1990    
Coliseum Topo soft / loriciels 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Collapse by GameBase CPC

Collapse Firebird 1985    
Collection ocean 2 Ocean 1991    
Collectors (the)        
Coloco Tuxedo Games 202x    
Colon   1988    
Colony Icon Design 1987    
Colony Nine   1987    
Color Jetz   2022    
Color Lines Tom et Jerry 2010    
Coloric Free game blot 1984    
Colosal piramide Definitive software 1994    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Colossal adventure by GameBase CPC

Colossal adventure   1984    
Colossal Cave Adventure Peter GERRARD 1985    
Colosseum   1989    
Colossus Bridge 4 CDS Software LTD 1986    
Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software Ltd 1986 Yes  
Colossus mah jong Cds software 1987    
Colour of magic (the) Macmillan / delta 4 / f. mcneill 1986    
Colourdump Richard MOSS 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Colourdump 2 by GameBase CPC

Colourdump 2 Richard MOSS 19xx    
Colourdump 3 Richard MOSS 19xx    
Columns ESP Soft 2004    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Comando quatro by GameBase CPC

Comando quatro Zigurat 1989    
Comando Tracer Ricardo PUERTO 1988 Yes  
Combat L. charles 1986    
Combat 3        
Combat lynx Durell 1985    
Combat school Ocean / konami 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Combat Zone by GameBase CPC

Combat Zone Mike TALBOT, Jim TRIPP, Sarah DAY, Kevin SHRAPNELL 1991    
Combat zone mentor The firm 1987    
Combo racer Gremlin graphics      
Comecocos A. javier      
Comet encounter Livewire soft 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Comet game (the) by GameBase CPC

Comet game (the) Firebird 1986    
Comic bakery Imagine 1986    
Comix Kid kit 1985    
Command performance Us gold 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Commando by GameBase CPC

Commando Capcom 1985    
Commando ninja        
Commando: space invasion Elite 1985    
Commonwealth games Tynesoft 1986 Yes  
Compacmove Softhawk 1986    
Compaid compilation        
Compendium Gremlin graphics 1987    
Compile (la) Ocean 1989    
Compile extraordinaire (la) Loriciels 1991    
Complete Machine Code Tutor Malcom EVANS 1985    
Complot d'ihlun Transoft      
Compte est bon (le)   1985    
Computer classics        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Computer maniac's diary by GameBase CPC

Computer maniac's diary Leisure Electronic Designs 1988    
Computer Scrabble Leisure Genius 1985    
Computer Scrabble Deluxe Leisure Genius 1987    
Computing with the Amstrad - Classic Games Vol. 1 Computing With The Amstrad 1985    
Con-quest Mastertronic 1986    
Conch A. scully      
Concurso (el) Tomas Penalver 2017    
Conflicts   1987    
Conflit en l'an 2000 Power soft 1985    
Confucius Lmc software 1987    
Confuzion Incentive 1985    
Connect 4 D. hall 1990    
Connect 4 R. gilbert 1991    
Conquete de l'Orthographe 4eme-3eme Generation 5 1991    
Conquete de l'Orthographe 6eme-5eme Generation 5 1991    
Conquete de l'Orthographe CE1-CE2 Generation 5 1991    
Conquete de l'Orthographe CM1-CM2 Generation 5 1991    
Conspiration de l'An III E. BEAUJOUAN, Miroslav RANDJELOVIC 1988 Yes  
Contact G. barjon 1988    
Contamination ERE Informatique 1985    
Continental Circus Taito Corporation 1989    
Contraption Audiogenic 1985    
Convoy Raider Michael CHILTON, David LEONERD 1987    
Cop-out Mikro-gen 1986 Yes  
Copter 271   1991    
Copter mission        
Copter patrol        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Copy-Shop by GameBase CPC

Copy-Shop Matthias UPHOFF 1986    
Corbeille (la) Lmc software 1987    
Core A'n'f software 1986    
Core Squelette Valérie BUTEZ, Camille DENIS, Joel DENIS 1985    
Corona (la) Pal / system 4 1988    
Corona Crisis demo 2020 Alex, AXEL 2020    
Corona magica (la) Omk software 1990    
Corporation Activision 1988    
Corridor conflict P. shafi      
Corridors 2: the asylum's revenge B. williams 1999    
Corrupt GLL Software 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Corruption by GameBase CPC

Corruption Magnetic Scrolls 1988    
Corsair Trainer Bitplane Technomantes 2020    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Corsarios by GameBase CPC

Corsarios Eduardo Bellver Castan, José Vicente Pons Alfonso 1988    
Cortex Jmc 1986    
Corya, warrior-sage: dragon T. collins & p. reynolds      
Cosa nostra Opera soft 1986    
Cosmic pirate Lothlorien 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cosmic sheriff by GameBase CPC

Cosmic sheriff Dinamic 1989    
Cosmic shock absorber Martech 1987    
Cosmic star D. baumert      
Cosmo Kid kit 1985    
Cosmos Black system 1989    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Costa capers by GameBase CPC

Costa capers Firebird ? / software projects 1985    
Cougar force   1990    
Count duckula Alternative software 1989    
Count Duckula II   1992    
Countdown Macsen 1986    
Countdown to doom Topologicka / p. killworth 1987    
Country cottages Sterling software 1984    
County cricket D & h games 1990    
Coup de force        
Course a la boussole (la) B.E.S. 1984    
Course de voiture        
Coursemaster Intraset      
Courses 2000        
Coursewinner v3 Selec Software 1985    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Coursewinner v3+ by GameBase CPC

Coursewinner v3+ Selec Software 1987    
Covenant (the) Personal Software Services (PSS) 1985    
Cowboy kidz Byte back 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cozumel by GameBase CPC

Cozumel Aventuras Ad 1990    
CPC Aventure Christophe Petit, Ludovic Deplanque 2005    
CPC Bullet Titan 2021    
Cpc invaders Sts software 1993    
CPC Invaders (Refurbished) Francesc ALCAUCER 2020    
CPC Jewels   2022    
CPC Procopy With MiniDos Kevin MCCAUGHEY 1989    
CPC Soccer Israel Roman ALVAREZ 2020    
Cpc tank M&p. parisot 1986    
CPCopper Optimus 2012    
Craal / kingdom of craal        
Crack down Sega 1990    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Crack-up by GameBase CPC

Crack-up Atlantis software 1989    
Crafton & Xunk ERE Informatique 1986 Yes  
Crane crawl        
Craps Cascade games 1986    
Crash course D. emmett 1985    
Crash garrett Ere informatique 1987    
Crash landing S. langan      
Crash! Edmund Spicer 1991 Yes  
Cray-5 Topo soft 1987    
Crayon Optique Trojan LP-1 Trojan Production 1985    
Crazy ball Golden brothers 1992    
Crazy Blaster Mika KERANEN 2020    
Crazy boy   1985    
Crazy brick Ingo bordach 1987    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Crazy cars by GameBase CPC

Crazy cars Titus 1988    
Crazy Cars 3 Charles GOODWIN 1992    
Crazy cars II Titus 1989    
Crazy Cars II Philippe PAMART 1990 Yes  
Crazy cave / very strange cave Adsoft 1990    
Crazy fruit        
Crazy golf Mr. Micro Ltd 1984    
Crazy legs Manu 1985    
Crazy love        
Crazy maze        
Crazy shot Hitech productions 1989    
Crazy snake Fraggle & duck 1992    
Crazy stamps D. muller 1986    
Crazy worm Dream soft / softice 1989    
Creatures Thalamus 1991    
Cred Breaks Out Joe AUSTEN, J. COSBY, John CASSAR, Joe AUSTEN      
Creepy crawley Cascade games 1986    
Crepes (les) S. marquet 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Crépuscule du Naja (le) by GameBase CPC

Crépuscule du Naja (le)   1987    
Crete 1941 Ccs 1990    
Cribbage N. herrick 1987    
Cribbage player D. higgins 1985    
Cricket captain Allanson 1985 Yes  
Cricket crazy Alternative software 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cricket international by GameBase CPC

Cricket international        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cricket master by GameBase CPC

Cricket master E&J Software 1989    
Crime Crown   Yes  
Crime busters Players premier ? 1988    
Crime du Parking (le) Futility Games 2008 Yes  
Crime time A. garland 1986    
Crimen perfecto (el) Logipresse 1987    
Crimson Knight Adventures Nibble Games 2018    
Cris Odd Prelude Dreamin'Bits 2017    
Crispin Crunchy M. & J. Trewhella      
Cristal castle D&n. verjot 1986    
Critical mass Durell 1987    
Croacs: el salto de las ranas        
Croc' madam' Minipuce 1986 Yes  
Croco magneto        
Crocowords Mld 1988    
Cross R. swaine 1990    
Cross fire J. charlesworth      
Crossfire   1990    
Crown jewels Alex gough      
Crucial Test D. TACCOEN 1988    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Crypte des Maudits (la) by GameBase CPC

Crypte des Maudits (la) Jean-Claude LEBON, Jean-Pierre GODEY, Stéphane POLARD 1991    
Crystal Bleu (le)   1985 Yes  
Crystal castles Andromeda software 1986    
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Codemasters 1992    
Crystal mission Face hugger 1993    
Crystal theft Wicca soft / p. wilson 1984    
Crystann - le Donjon de Diamant Softbook 1987    
Cube diabolique (le) Pirat's and co 1986    
Cube wars Beffer soft / j. pugh 1989    
Cubemeleon Goument 1985    
Cubert Power soft 1985    
Cubic Numa 1997    
Cubit Mr micro 1985 Yes  
Cubulux D. liard      
Cubulux 2 D. liard 1993    
Cuistot Pj. vauclin 1987    
Culotte de Zelda (la) Zisquier 2021    
Cultez / todo        
Cup football Cult games 1991    
Curro jimenez Arcadia / zigurat 1989    
Curse of Rabenstein (the) Stefan Vogt 2020    
Curse of sherwood (the) Mastertronic 1987    
Cursed be the city Incantation / ross harris 1987    
Custard pie factory (the) Tynesoft 1985    
Cuthbert in space        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cutthroats by GameBase CPC

Cutthroats Infocom / m. berlyn 1984    
Cyber Chicken Dr. Stefan STUMPFERL, MacDeath, Herve MONCHATRE, Marco SOWA 2013    
Cyber power M. salvado 1992    
Cyber tennis        

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cyberball by GameBase CPC

Cyberball Tengen / domark 1989    
Cyberbig Animagic 1990    
Cyberboy P. fairman 1995    
Cybernoid Raffaele CECCO, J. Dave ROGERS 1988   Yes
Cybernoid II Raffaele CECCO, J. Dave ROGERS, Hugh BINNS 1988    
Cyberrun Ultimate 1986    
Cybor Softhawk 1987    
Cyborg E. herbin 1987    
Cyborgs Starlight 1992    
Cycit Bug byte 1986    

screenshot of the Amstrad CPC game Cycles (the) by GameBase CPC

Cycles (the) Accolade 1989    
Cyclons Cascade games 1985    
Cylon attack        
Cylu Firebird 1985    
Cyrus II Chess Intelligent Chess Software Ltd 1985