Programmes Amstrad CPC commençant par la lettre I

I, Ball Firebird 1988    
I, ball 2 quest for the past Tim CLOSS, Timothy CLOSS 1987 Oui  
I.S.S. - Incredible Shrinking Sphere Electric dreams 1989 Oui  
Ian botham's test match Tynesoft 1985    
Iankey Ian Litterick 1985    
Ice N. campbell      
Ice breaker Topo soft 1990    
Ice front A. chapman      
Ice Slider EgoTrip 2016    
Ice station zero 8th day software / m. white 1895    
Ice strad Jp. anull 1986    
Ice temple (the) Blue ribbon 1989    
Ice wizard B.m. eaton      
Ichor L. joynes      
Icon jon Mirrorsoft 1986    
Ide A. o'neill 1995    
IK + System 3 1988 Oui  
Ikari Warriors David SHEA, JAFFA 1986    
Il etait une fois Carraz editions 1989    
Il pleut bergere E. dupont 1986    
Ile (l') Alain Massoumipour (Poum) 1991 Oui  
Ile Oubliée (l') Bruno FONTERS 1993    
Illusion Philippe MOULIN 2020    
ILogicAll ESP Soft 2009    
Im dienste seiner majestaet        
Image System CRL      
Imaginario Colectivo GG, David MACHO, Carlos DE ANA 2012    
Imagination / imagine Firebird / p. torrence 1986 Oui  
Imagine's arcade giants Imagine / us gold 1989    
Impact Audiogenic 1988    
Imperial Mahjong CargoSoft 2016    
Imperialis Coktel vision 1985    
Impossaball John M. Phillips 1987    
Impossamole Gremlin graphics 1990    
Impossible Mission Sentient Software 1986 Oui  
Impossible Mission II Novotrade 1988 Oui  
Impr'Image Alexandre JOFFRE, Thierry ARENAS 1988    
Impression Patrice LEROUX, Laurent DESMARES 1987    
In a 3d computer world   1993    
In Crowd (the)   1989    
Inca Curse Charles CECIL, Richard STEVENSON, Philip DURBIDGE 1985 Oui  
Incantation Softhawk 1987    
Incredible shrinking firemen Mastertronic 1986    
Indian mission Coktel vision 1988    
Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis Jonathan COURT, Nick COOK, Martin WALKER 1991    
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Mark HAIGH-HUTCHINSON, Nick PAVIS, Mark TAIT 1989    
Indiana jones and the temple of doom Us gold 1987    
Indoor bowling        
Indoor race Mind games 1987    
Indoor soccer Magnificent 7 1986    
Indoor soccer (4 soccer sims) Codemasters 1989    
Indoor sports Design star / advance 1987    
Inertie Ubi soft 1987    
Infection Virgin mastertronic 1989    
Infernal Castle LMC Software 1988    
Infernal house Lankhor 1991    
Infernal jumper J. dillmann 1986    
Infernal micro G. caill 1986    
Infernal mouse        
Infernal Runner   1985    
Inferno Cascade games 1986    
Infidel Michael BERLYN 1986    
Infiltrator Us gold 1986    
Infiltrator 2        
Inflagranti Atex 1988    
Infodroid Beyond 1987    
Ingrid's back Level 9 / austin 1988 Oui  
Inheritance (the)   1986    
Inhumanos (los)   1990    
Inner lakes (the) P. cardin      
Inquisitor D. SUREAU 1987 Oui  
Insanity N. campbell 1997    
Insector Hecti in the Interchange Hi-Tec Software 1991    
Inside Outing The Edge 1987    
Insider Devonshire House 1989    
Inspector gadget Beam / melbourne house 1987    
Instant Recall John Twiddy 1986    
Inteligencia Ace software      
Intelligence test L. rapaccioli 1991    
Interceptor 3d        
Interdictor pilot Supersoft 1985    
Intergalactic computer trader N. campbell      
Intergalactic stuntparot R. buckley      
Interieur Sprites 1985    
International 3d tennis Palace software 1990    
International events   1988    
International karate System 3 / endurance games 1986    
International Karate Plus Dan MICHEK, Rob HUBBARD 1988    
International manager D. gibbon      
International Ninja Rabbits        
International rugby Artic computing 1986    
International Rugby Simulator Ian DUNLOP, Jason FALCUS, Neil ADAMSON, David WHITTAKER 1988    
International soccer challenge   1989    
International speedway Mind's eye / silverbird 1988    
International Tennis Brian CROSS 1992    
Into oblivion Mastertronic 1986    
Into the Eagle's Nest Kevin PARKER, Robin CHAPMAN 1987    
Into the mystic River software / j. lockerby      
Intruder Bighead soft 1987    
Intruder Cascade games 1986    
Invasion Big loz 1992    
Invasion C. aubry 1988    
Invasion Mastertronic 1987    
Invasion galactic        
Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters   2013    
Invertix Eliot / power system 1995    
Invierte y gana        
Invitation Loriciels 1987    
Irma Seysses / cracksoft 1988    
Iron hand   1988    
Iron horse Konami 1988    
Iron Lord Laurent SOEN, Gregory CLEMENT 1989    
Iron Sphere Ian Munro 2006    
Iron trackers Microids 1989    
Ironman TotO 2011    
Ishar   1992    
Ishido Fraggle 1991    
Island (the) Ken Bond 1985 Oui  
Island of Chaos Tony KINGSMILL 1990    
Island of Dr. Destructo Clockwork Game Systems 1987    
Island of riddles Redbeard / cd. whittington 1985    
Islandia Pjm 1987    
Isobot L. McGarry 1988    
Isoleur Sprites 1985    
Isometrikum Vanity 2018    
Isotopes J. fox-geen      
ISS Emergency John Whatson 2019    
It must be love        
It sucks Optimus 2006    
It's a Knockout Keith A. PURKISS, D. J. BURT, A. J., Simon BUTLER 1986    
It's tv showtime        
Italian Super Car Peter WILLIAMSON, Chris GRAHAM, Lyndon SHARP 1990    
Italy 1990 Mark HAIGH-HUTCHINSON, Nick PAVIS, Mike DAVIES 1990    
Italy 1990 - Winners Edition US Gold 1990    
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Leland Corporation 1990 Oui  
Ivan traker off road 4x4        
Iznogoud   1987