August 2004 archives

08/29/2004 Arnold/Linux

A new version of Arnold/Linux is out which uses GTK2 and add support for spanish keyboard.

08/29/2004 Xzentrix 2004 meeting

The Xzentrix 2004 meeting will take place in a few days at Seeshaupt (Germany) from 3th to 5th September 2004. It's not an Amstrad CPC meeting only, but is focused on all 8bit computers, see more informations on their web site.

08/26/2004 Le site Amstrad's update

Amstradeus (bilingual site) has a nice new interface with PHP.

08/23/2004 Kitsune PCX

Kitsune is a new windows image convertor. It converts PCX images to Amstrad CPC graphic mode 0, 1 and 2. It's written by F-Key of the Revival group.

08/22/2004 Add your banner here

I am changing the static 2 banners at the bottom of this page to a random banner like it's done for the logo. If you want to see a link to your own Amstrad site with your banner, please send me a link to the image I should use.

I have corrected two items in the 21th August news just below. Firstly, the first forum is the one of the El Sitio del CPC web site (which seems to not work with IE, but fine enough with Firefox). Secondly, the link to the second forum was the same as the first one, now corrected.

A final point for tonight, even if it's not about Amstrad world. To internet explorer users, I advise you to change for Firefox. Tabbed browsing (CTRL + T) is very nice to use, and you will have less security problems than with IE. One day you have to turn the page, and change. But that doesnt mean you can really change your life and throw your Amstrad CPC to the bin :-)

08/21/2004 Don Quichote de la mancha

For those who knows spanish, dont hesitate to go to Deep Fried Brains site which seems to have interessant informations, especially those about hardware.

There are links to two spanish forums on this site :

08/18/2004 The Workshop this week-end

Dont forget that there is an Amstrad CPC meeting this week-end : The Workshop where the CPC NG will be showed.

08/16/2004 Skweek

Do you remember Skweek and Super Skweek ? Someone on announced that he is writing a skweek remake. I found a link on to the web site of the original author of Skweek.

a remake of the skweek game in 3D

08/16/2004 Deflekor remake needing help

Ignacio Pérez Gil is the author of several remakes. As I announced the 8th August, in one or two months, he will release a remake of humphrey. He also released a remake of Deflektor. He would have release a new version of this remake, but he was waiting for someone to send him new graphics that he never did receive. So if you know how to draw nice new looking graphics for this remake, just send him a a tell.

08/14/2004 Chaos is back

The site of the greek demo makers group Chaos is back.

08/12/2004 CPC Games Reviews update

CPC Games Reviews has been updated with 13 new reviews.

08/08/2004 Richard Leinfellner's interview

Richard Leinfellner is the programmer of Cauldron and Barbarian. You will find an interview on le site Amstrad (bilingual site).

08/08/2004 Comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ

You can read the new version of the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ (v1.30).

08/08/2004 Data base and remakes

With a magic wand I just changed the remakes page from an html page to a PHP page created from a MySQL data base (with more than 5000 Amstrad CPC games). This data base comes from the ALL_CPC file by Frédéric Herlem. A big thanks to him for his ant work.

This data base will let me add a lot of content like as I was giving an hint the 1st august. Today it is used for the remakes page, tomorrow for the commercial games which are now legally available (to the right of the remakes in the menu), and for the next days, I let you guess.

Just a last word, some download links from this new remake page doesnt work, give me a few days to upload new and updated remakes to

08/08/2004 Atlantida 3000 and remakes

Atlantida 3000 is a never published spanish game. It is now available on Computer Emuzone (spanish).

A news from this same site announce a remake of Sir Fred, and that a remake of Humphrey will be soon available.

Still about remakes, you will find a list of 219 remakes on World of Spectrum.

08/07/2004 Barbarian remake

The barbarian remake has been updated for MacOS, new versions for linux and windows will be available soon. It adds music and an option screen.

08/07/2004 Magnetic Scrolls

If you liked Magnetic Scrolls adventure games, you should go to the magnetic scrolls memorial. Also if you have a palm, you can use Kronos to play magnetic scrolls, infocom and Scott Adams like adventure games. It's a port of Magnetic which works on several platforms.

08/06/2004 New files on NVG

New files on NVG are announced on T.A.C.G.R..

08/04/2004 Happy birthday

The comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup is ten years old, happy birthday ! If you are curious, you can read the history of the newsgroup creation here.

08/01/2004 Two Amstrad meetings very soon

Dont forget that there are two meetings very soon, first Ze Meeting 2004 from 6th to 8th August, then Workshop from friday 20th to sunday 22th August (and not from 19th since previously written).

08/01/2004 Modifications of the site

Some modifications have been made this week-end, frames are now gone with the wind. Three pages have disappeared for the moment ; gallery, books and hardware. These pages will come back later. Also there should be soon new content on the site.

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