July 2006 archives

07/14/2006 - 22:27 - Genesis8 Iron Sphere

Cronosoft has released Iron Sphere, a game which hasnt be released in 1990. More informations on CPC Game Reviews.

Source : CPC Game Reviews

07/14/2006 - 22:25 - Genesis8 CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has 4 new reviews.

07/10/2006 - 21:20 - Genesis8 NCUS update

If you want to buy a NC100 or NC200, it's time to go on NCUS (Tim's Amstrad NC User's Site), four NC100 and NC200, spare manual, adaptators, cases, memory cards, cables, and books are for sell.

07/10/2006 - 11:11 - Genesis8 PSPCAP32 v1.1.1, an Amstrad CPC emulator for Sony PSP

Last version of PSPCAP adds new keyboard definitions files for more than 470 games, better sound and bug fixes. ZX81 also moved his web site.

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