Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Upscaling retro 8bit pixel art to vector graphics


A new algorythm able to transform bitmap graphics such as on an Amstrad CPC to vector graphics, has been created. It can create smooth, curved contour lines from only-connected-on-the-diagonal single pixels. That would mean playing games on a big screen without big ugly pixels. See below for the link.

A music remake of Mission Omega (Mindgames) by Noisywan


A new music remake by Ömer Aydin (Noisywan) of Mission OMEGA is available on Youtube.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Mission OMEGA Mindgames (1986)

All Noisywan music remakes can be downloaded if you wish.

Lords of Midnight on Iphone coming


In October 2009 I was writing about a possible Iphone port of Lords of Midnight (originally written by Mike Singleton) by Chris Wild. This time it's for real ! There will be some tweaks to A.I., new updated graphics of cource, first version will be just solo, but updates will bring multi-user play.

While waiting for this precious gem, you can either play the original Lords of Midnight game with an emulator, or with one of the various following ports :

NoRecess web site


NoRecess {the website} is a nice recent web site by NoRecess (since January 2011). He is the author of the Phat, Phat 2,Pheelone and Phreaksdemos. But he also wrote PhrozenC, a K&R C compiler for Amstrad CPC and the HxC Software Emulator Manager for Amstrad CPC. He is writing Phactory, a PC utility which is a completedevelopment editor targeting the Amstrad CPC platform. It features : code editor, bitmap converter, big file maker, dsk file manager, packer, hex editor... SDCC C compiler is alsofully integrated, and inlined assembly code is compatible with Maxam syntax.

There is an interesting article about state of the Amstrad CPC community in 2011 (with informations from Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark, Spain, South Australia and France), and last article is an interview of Axelay,author of Star Sabre, Dead On Time and Sub Hunter, and many more interesting things to read.

Sub Hunter, a new arcade game for Amstrad CPC by Axelay


Sub Hunter for C64 by Richard Bayliss and Frank Gasking, first available as disk and tapes for Amstrad CPC at Psytronik is now available as a free download.

The amstrad CPC version has been converted by Paul Kooistra (Axelay), author of the CPC shoot 'em ups Star Sabre and Dead on Time.

Sub Hunter is an arcade game featuring 25 levels of sub-aquatic action, multi-layered parallax scrolling, intro sequence, superb detailed graphics, varied missions including shoot 'em up levels, rescue missions and boss encounters.

Music by Tom and Jerry (he has the gift of ubiquity).

Sub Hunter loading screenshot

Sub Hunter CAT loading screenshot

Sub Hunter menu screenshot

Sub Hunter game screenshot

Happy new year 2011


I wish you a happy new year 2011, and a lot of Amstrad CPC meetings

Merry Christmas 2010


Merry Christmas 2010

Cheril of the Bosque by the Mojon Twins


This is one news I should have written months ago, so much to say, though it will still be short. The Mojon Twins are spanish developers who simply piss code like cows do, I really dont know where they find time to write so many games.

Their latest creation is Cheril of the Bosque.

Dont hesitate to get their other games, many are coming with the sources like Kevin Thacker did with Blue Angel 69.

Blue Angel 69 CPC conversion by Kevin Thacker is available


Kevin Thacker's conversion of a Magic Bytes reflexion game released in 1989 : Blue Angel 69 (written by Winfried Stappert) is now available. The original game is turn based (vs computer or another player). The screen draws a 8x8 chessboard filled with positive or negative numbers. Each turn, the player must choose a number whichs on the same linge (or column for the other player) that the last chosen number. Once chosen the number est removed from the chessboard and added or substracted from the player score. The goal of the game is of course to have more points than your adversary at the end of the game (where you will see the sexy robot fully).

Blue Angel 69 has been programmed by Kevin Thacker, graphics by Markus Hohmann, CAT art, inlay, disc label by Kukulcan, Blue Angel 69 website hosted by Markus, created by Kukulcan.

You can download the FULL game and source from Kevin Thacker's website.

In the sources you will find a library to use StarKos from z88dk, and within morelib some extras for loading/saving files using amsdos, displaying double height chars and more. The code also includes a modified version of cpcrslib which Kevin modified to try and make the code smaller. Kevin hope others using z88dk to make games will find these sources useful.

All build files and tools (excluding z88dk) are in the download. Kevin Thacker provides all so that you can learn from it, and that's a very good idea.

You will also be able to download it from cpc-power, and here you will also find cassette inlay and a disc label, both created by Kukulcan.

Blue Angel 69 intro screenshot

Blue Angel 69 menu screenshot

Blue Angel 69 game screenshot