News about Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200, PDA600 and also Amstrad PC

UniDOS v1.37 by Offset, the lord of the DOS to rule them all


Something I should have written about much sooner.

These last years several expansions allows you to use mass storage (USB or sd...) on Amstrad CPC, each needing a ROM to use it correctly.

And if you use two of these expansions, you will need to load two ROMs, so less RAM for your Amstrad CPC.

So Offset did write UniDOS and drivers to be able to use another expansion, needing only one ROM with features being the same whatever the expansion. Unidos can manage actually :

Offset also wrote UniDOS Cartridge Creator (v1.4) which is an utility to create Amstrad Plus cartridges equipped with a patched firmware which allows to add UniDOS and its DOS nodes. You can furthermore configure up to 30 additional tool ROMs (such as Utopia, Maxam, Protext..) in the cartridges (compatible with ParaDOS and Burnin' Rubber) without requiring a real ROM board. The tool also let you automatically download the latest UniDOS ROMs from the official web site.

Develop for Amstrad CPC with a ready to use linux virtual machine


You can download a linux virtual machine by Francisco Gallego to develop Amstrad CPC programs including :

  • CPCTelera 1.5/dev
  • RVM
  • WinAPE
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Terminator
  • Gimp

Learning Z80 assembly, are you Rodnay Zaks or Lance A. Leventhal ?


To learn Z80 assembly, I only knew the book by Rodnay Zaks, but it seems it's not the best one after reading this Twitter thread. So the book by Lance A. Leventhal would be more didactic and less redundant.

These two books are available on Amstrad CPC Mémoire Ecrite, but beware the last edition of the Rodnay Zaks's book is 1982, the one by A. Leventhal is 1983. Don't download an older version. Rodnay Zaks also exists in french, spanish and german (in 1982 and 1987).

Play MIDI music on Amstrad CPC with a Python converter and a player by LambdaMikel


Michael Wessel (LambdaMikel) has written a python converter of MIDI music files which can then be read on an Amstrad CPC with a player with at least 2 hardware expansions (with 512 Kb support and soon 4 Mb support) :

MIDI was the ultimate sound during the msdos era before windows 95 and the coming of audio card with samples like the Gravis Ultra Sound, it is time that MIDI arrives on Amstrad CPC.

Perched! for Amstrad CPC and Perched 3D by Lumina Studio


Perched! par Lumina Studio is an Amstrad CPC game released for the CPCRetroDev 2021 contest. You will have to climb high, higher if you want to merit the divine blue cheese ! The program is written by Paula Garcia Morales (programmation), Laura Gil Lopez (programmation, artist, music) and Jorge Perez Dominguez (programmation).

Perched 3D is a WIP version for a platform not mentionned yet.

Turbo Rascal SE v0.14, Pascal programmation for Amstrad CPC and more


Turbo Rascal SE (TRSE) v0.14 is out. It's a complete suite (IDE, compiler, programming language, image sprite level resource editor) intended for developing games/demos for 8 / 16-bit line of computers, with a focus on the MOS 6502, the Motorola 68000, the (GB)Z80 and the X86. TRSE currently supports application development for the C64, C128, VIC-20, PLUS4, NES, Gameboy, PET, ZX Spectrum, TIKI 100, Amstrad CPC 464, Atari 2600, 8086AT, Amiga 500 and the Atari ST 520 (complete list here). With the benefits of a modern IDE (error messages, code completion, syntax highlighting etc) and a bunch of fast built-in tools, it has never been easier to program for your favorite obsolete system !

Join TRSE on Facebook !

WIP SYSco by AST/Imp4ct, a file manager for Amstrad CPC(+)


SYSco by AST/Impact is a file manager compatible with many new DOS such as AlbiDos (usb/sd), Amsdos (Floppy A and B), iMPdos (X-Mass 128/512 partitionned) and probably the M4 board later. It features :

  • quick and easy navigation
  • copies between all the drives mention on the top
  • creating directories
  • erasing files and directory
  • renaming files and dir
  • launching and running all basics and binaries files
  • Fast Format
  • Direct Hexa Edition on files
  • etc...

A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque


A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque is out (27th January 2022).

It's a windows utility to convert PC images to Amstrad CPC.

T2022 demo for the Amstrad GX4000 or CPC Plus by Cyrille GOURET


T2022 is a demo for the Amstrad GX4000 console or the Amstrad CPC+ computer by Cyrille GOURET. The T2022 demo is available on Youtube and the facebook groupe Amstradiens.

Connecting a Raspberry PI on Amstrad CPC from CPC-Cplink to Soyuz (by Abalore)


There are actually two fonctionnal ways to connect a Raspberry PI to your Amstrad CPC :

There is also another WIP project by Zhulien : the CPC / Raspberry Pi Bridge Card, but for more recent informations you must read the thread Raspberry PI on CPC.

Building the World's Newest Amstrad CPC 464 by Noel Llopis


Noel Llopis has made another very interesting video : the making of a totally new Amstrad CPC 464 from a new PCB made by Bob's Bits Replica Boards.

For this first try, he didnt try to add more RAMs, ROMs or existing expansions, for the future maybe ?

Other videos with the hastag #janstrad will be released by other creators with the same idea to create some new old hardware