Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Latest Youtube Videos :

dustin by Retro Danuart
friday the 13th by Xyphoe
After Burner by ChinnyVision
starboy by Amstrad Maniaque
ranarama by Zeusdaz
Reino del Color (el) by Xyphoe
Reino del Color (el)
Space War by Xyphoe
Aigle d'Or - Le Retour (l') by Amstrad Maniaque
nemesis the warlock by Amstrad Maniaque

Solution of the RPG game Fer and Flamme written by Hervé Lange and his interview on Amstrad.EU


Karamoon wrote a solution for the Amstrad CPC role playing game Fer and Flamme created by Hervé Lange on Gros Pixels.

The CRPG addict tried to finish Fer et Flamme (english this time).

You can find an interview of the author Hervé Lange on Amstrad.EU (french) made in March 2011 by NoRecess.

CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite is a musical software suite focused on lightweight code and data (the player itself is under 950 bytes long, and can be as small as 550 bytes) for the Amstrad CPC, Sinclair Spectrum 128 and MSX1 platforms; other hardwares can be supported with minor modifications in the player code, such as Sega Master System. The tracker can create songs up to 256 patterns long, patterns can be up to 96 ticks long, and there can be as many as 255 different instruments. The player itself is hardware-independent, the programmer can provide the external functions required to make it work on any Z80-based platform. CHIPNSFX was succesfully used in past projects such as :

screenshot of the CHIPNSFX tracker by CNGSoft

Some sweet music tonight ? Three remix of Thanatos for the price of one (piano and guitar) !


Thanatos remixed by DJ ThumpHeadAche is a superb adaptation of the Thanatos music, you should really listen to it.

Already mentionned in 2011, a beautiful play of Thanatos on piano by Alpiso is quite a hit too (Alpiso Youtube's channel has more Amstrad CPC tunes).

Warming some old 2011 news is still useful, the next link wasnt good in 2011 (corrected now), so what about listening to a Thanatos guitar arrangement played by Pacopersia this time ?

For the longplay video by cholo go to :

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Thanatos

A column about adventure games (Eight Bit Adventurer) in the next issues o f Eight Bit Magazine


Eight Bit Magazine will print this Eight Bit Adventurer column by Stuart Williams about the adventure games on 8bit compouters. Stuart is already writing in Eight Bit Magazine about Apple computers, and an article the apple adventurer will be in the incoming issue 3. For more informations, go read Retro Computing News.

Issue 3 of Eight Bit Magazine can be pre-ordered.

HxC, Gotek, and now the DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for Amstrad CPC 464 by Zaxon


The problem with a disk drive emulator HxC or Gotek for an Amstrad CPC 464 is that you still need a DDI-1 interface which is a disk drive controler. It's not anymore a problem with the DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for Amstrad CPC464 by Zaxon which integrates the DDI and the USB management.

For more informations about the DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator go on Indie Retro News.

The video is done by Novabug.

Less Youtube videos announced so you dont get an indigestion


When I was only announcing Youtube videos of some youtubbers (Xyphoe, CholoCPC, ChinnyVision...), it was nice enough. But lately with more Youtubbers, I cant announce them all in the news, otherwise you would get rapidly a Youtube indigestion. So I will show the last 10 I added (see above), but still will announce some of them, because I like the game or any other reason (good I hope).

You dont want to vote for either Macron or Le Pen ? Then vote for JB le Daron !


For french people, it's right this week-end, we are going to vote either for Macron or for Le Pen. So Votez pour moi by Coktel Vision (1985) is in a youtube video by JB le Daron. It's a management game where you are one candidate for the french presidential election. What will you do to get elected by the good french people ?

A postal stamp about the Amstrad CPC game The abbey of crime (Topo Soft) in Spain !


Peur sur Amityville (Ubi Soft), a Youtube video by Edward with the author Serge Payeur


Edward ( is showing a new french Amstrad CPC game : Peur Sur Amytiville (Ubi Soft) with the original author Serge Payeur. He has programmed the game when he was 15 years old ! It's a graphical adventure game in french of course.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Peur sur Amityville

An Amstrad GX4000 console was tortured to create a PC Engine SD by Starforce Pi


Seen on Gameblog (french site), each time a PC Engine SD is created, a poor Amstrad GX4000 console must die !

If you love the japanese PC Enngine console it's not a problem, but for the Amstrad CPC generation, it's a crime !

Screenshots incoming soon.

8BP v030, a RSX library to create Amstrad CPC games in Basic, and a new 8bp game


Jose Javier Garcia Aranda has written a new version of 8BP v30 (8bits de poder : 8bits of power), a RSX library to write Amstrad CPC games in basic (26 Kb max). You can download 8bp on github.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables is the last game programmed with 8BP and showed at the RetroMadrid 2017 meeting.

CPC 128K, an Amstrad CPC 6128 clone by Zaxon with some upgrades included


Seen on the Amstrad.EU Facebook group, a clone of an Amstrad CPC 6128 created by Zaxon with the following features :

  • 128 Kb RAM
  • DDI-1 compatible floppy interface
  • PS/2 keyboard interface
  • RGB video out on minidin 8 (video cable included
  • CRTC is UM6845R
  • Two slots for extensions cards

Il fabrique et vends également son clone d'Amstrad CPC 6128.