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Puzzle Bobble beta v05 by Crazy Piri for Amstrad CPC


After Tetris, Crazy Piri is working on Puzzle Bobble with a first public beta (v05) available on its discord server (click on the pin at the upper right corner of Discord client). It's good and beautiful, like an old vine.

Amstrad PPC512/640 ISA Expansion Board by Retro Theory


Thanks to Youtube who proposed me a video by Retro Theory called Amstrad PPC512 ISA Expansion Board XTIDE Network Sound PPC640 where is he testing his ISA expansion board using the 2 connectors at the back of the Amstrad PPC 512 or 640.

Check the description of the video for the github page with the pcb files and the components list.

So in this video he is testing an XTIDE, memory card (to 640 Kb and some UMB), sound card using the unisound (universal sound driver) and a CGA/EGA card. So he launchs Prince of Persia with OPL2 (sound blaster) and EGA.

More Amstrad content should appear on his youtube channel later as states in the commentaries, so stay tuned and subscribe to his channel like I did.

Amstrad Diagnostics ROM v0.8 by Noël Llopis and video using it


Noel Llopis has written an Amstrad CPC diagnostic ROM which is already at version 0.8 and whose sources are available on Github.

You can see the ROM being used in a video on Youtube about repairing a floppy disk controller. I invite you to see his other interesting videos.

New v2.0.7 of the firmware for the wifi card M4 Board by Duke


The M4 Board which let you add wifi on your Amstrad CPC just got another firmware v2.0.7.

Changes since v2.0.6 :

  • Changed behaviour of RMR "ghost" register to support FutureOS and IMPdraw running from ROM on Amstrad PLUS
  • Added C_ROMLOW command to map in and out lowerrom(s) on the fly
  • NMIROM.BIN is now loaded from microSD card root by default, if present, otherwise internal HACK MENU is used

New HACK Menu improvements by Cebe74 (Thanks!) :

  • Reorganized displayed layout
  • Menu keyboard shortcuts
  • Improve memory dump feature

PunyInform v2.1 by Fredrik Ramsberg to write text adventure games


PunyInform v2.1 by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson is a library written in Inform 6 to create adventure game (pure text, no graphic support contrary to DAAD) using the Z-machine virtual machine which will run on 8bit computers (or more recent computers too). PunyInform has a parser, knowing of common verbs and a framework to write adventure games.

PunyInform is based on the Inform 6 library written by Graham Nelson. Its goal is to make easily adventure games in Inform 6, with a manual describing the differences between the official library and PunyInform..

Games using PunyInform can be compiled in z3, z5 and z8 format (z3 being the best format for 8bit computers, other formats have more features). Compared to the Inform 6 library, it means that there is no support for the Glulx virtual machine but z3 format is important as Inform 6 doesnt support it.

To compile games written with PunyInform, you should use the Inform 6 compiler maintained by David Kinder. Binaries are available on if-archive. PunyInform needs Inform v6.34 (or more).

They are tutorials to write adventure game with PunyInform (end of the page).

To try your game after compilation, you can use WinFrotz by David Kinder, to create map easily you can use Trizbort.

A new Amstrad CPC board game by Eto : the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne


Eto has just relased his first game ever for the Amstrad CPC : the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne (download link, also on CPCWiki).

It's a board game called "Cameronne" and based on the great game Ishido for the Gameboy which he played for hours.

Cameronne is written in Locomotive BASIC except for the music, which is using the Arkos Tracker BASIC binary provided by Targhan. Despite being a Basic game, he put quite some effort into optimizing the slow parts. It's of course not efficient as an Assembler game, but he thinks he could hide the annoying slow parts, so it doesn't hurt the gameplay too much.

Special thanks to Mr. Lou for providing the excellent music tracks. And thanks to Targhan for providing an easy way to include music into Basic programs.

It's also possible to play it at that website in the browser. But I recommend to play it on real hardware or a good emulator.

On the website there is also a ZIP file which contains the printing arts for the inlet, disk label and also a small manual with a background short story and the instructions. So it's possible to create a physical release if you want.

Youtube video of the Enchanted Stones of Cameronne game by Xenomorph below.

A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque


A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque is out (27th February 2021).

It's a windows utility to convert PC images to Amstrad CPC.

Throne Legacy v1.1 by Arnaud Bouche for Amstrad CPC


Arnaud Bouche has updated his game inspired by l'Aigle d'Or : Throne Legacy v1.1. This new version brings the following modifications :

  • New intro by CPC-POWER and TITAN
  • Game translation En/Fr/Es/It/De
  • Restoration of original Woman painting, being replaced by Prince of persia for cpcretrodev gesture
  • Remove lighter usage limit
  • Speed up player movement
  • Now life is lost by movement and not by time (prevent quick lost life in dark room because game run too fast)
  • Game map slightly changed, Shop is nearer and room of the cup is attached to the castle
  • Golden key cannot open doors anymore
  • Some text modification for better understanding
  • Old torches can be taken from wall (but caution there are nearly burnout)
  • Change stair down image because stair was not visible enough
  • Handle Fire3 for Suicide (as Esc key)
  • Many graphicals glitches fixed

The 2021 edition of the Basic 10 liners contest is starting


The 2021 edition of the Basic 10 liners has started the 1st February.

Check the twitter of BASIC10Liners for any news and any entrance.

CapriceESP32 v0.8.4 by Millim, an Amstrad CPC emulator on Odroid Go


A new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator for Odroid Go by Millim : CapriceESP32 is available (v0.8.4).

There are no informations about the changes in this version.

Turbo Rascal SE v0.12 is out with the source code of the Mørketid demo


Turbo Rascal SE (TRSE) v0.12 is out. It's a complete suite (IDE, compiler, programming language, image sprite level resource editor) intended for developing games/demos for 8 / 16-bit line of computers, with a focus on the MOS 6502, the Motorola 68000, the (GB)Z80 and the X86. TRSE currently supports application development for the C64, C128, VIC-20, PLUS4, NES, Gameboy, PET, ZX Spectrum, TIKI 100, Amstrad CPC 464, Atari 2600, 8086AT, Amiga 500 and the Atari ST 520 (complete list here). With the benefits of a modern IDE (error messages, code completion, syntax highlighting etc) and a bunch of fast built-in tools, it has never been easier to program for your favorite obsolete system !

Join TRSE on Facebook !

Among the many changes of this 0.12 version (download link also), there is the source code of the Amstrad CPC demo Mørketid which I really did like.

A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque


A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque is out (11th February 2021).

It's a windows utility to convert PC images to Amstrad CPC.