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Latest Youtube Videos :

Permis de Tuer by ChinnyVision
Ghostbusters II by Xyphoe
Ghostbusters II by Jgonza
Killer Cobra by Amstrad Maniaque
Mot by Amstrad Maniaque
World of Barbarian (the) by Jgonza
Shadow Warriors by Khomenor
Mario Bros by Amstrad Maniaque
Donkey Kong by Amstrad Maniaque
Harrier Attack by Amstrad Maniaque

Youtube videos about Amstrad CPC graphics by MacDeath


If you read Amstrad CPC forums, maybe you have read a few short messages by MacDeath. No I was only joking, you have read a lot of lenghty messages by him ! But he has also done some videos on Youtube on his prefered subject : Amstrad CPC graphics. The latest video by MacDeath is Amstrad CPC Graphics Live [Se02Ep04] (french audio).

4Mhz is announcing its next Amstrad CPC game, Profanation 2 : Escape from Abu Simbel


Abu Simbel Profanation edited in 1986 by Dinamic Software is a hard platform game. It was also released on ZX Spectrum and MSX. It was converted on C64 at the start of 2017.

And now its sequel has been announced by 4Mhz : Profanation 2 : Escape from Abu Simbel on Indie Retro News and Twitter.

iMPdraw v1.2 (2016) by AST/Imp4ct, a painting program for Amstrad CPC, new demo incoming


Released in April 2016, iMPdraw v1.2 is the last version of this Amstrad CPC painting program by AsT. A new version will be available this year.

Other painting program exists : GOS (CPC+ only) and Claudia (CPC and CPC+).

Also, on his site, he is announcing the 1st June that he is working on a one screen demo, without a release date (soon he hopes).

Nogalious by LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS, an incoming game for Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, MSX, C64 and PC


Nogalious is an upcoming game by LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS for Amstrad CPC but also for ZX Spectrum, C64, MSX and PC. It's a game between Abu Simbel and The Maze of Galious.

You can already see :

Test of the Amstrad GX4000 console by Nostalagia Nerd onr Youtube


Nostalgia Nerd did a video on the Amstrad CPC Story, but as I wanted to listen to Burnin' Rubber music, I found a test of the Amstrad GX4000 console (October 2015) by him.

Next-Generation Speech Synthesizer for the Amstrad CPC 464 by Michael Wessel


This Next-Generation Speech Synthesizer for the Amstrad CPC 464 by Michael Wessel started with a breadboard and now a PCB. For the moment, they are 4 videos of the interface card on Youtube :

It uses an Emic 2, the other components in the design are : Atmega 328 for implementing a parallel (CPC) to serial interface, to bride from the CPC to the Emic 2; a 74LS373 flip flop, 2 G16v8 PLD's for address decoding and generation of the chip select signal, and some other gates. The hardware extension is at address &F9E1. The speech synthesizer requires almost no driver, since the microcontroller and the Emic 2 are implementing an intelligent interface. The Basic program shown in the videos is implementing a simple protocol, but basically, to talk to the speech synthesizer, one only needs to write bytes to port address &F9E1 (e.g., using OUT in BASIC). Interestingly, the interface from the CPC's parallel data bus to the Atmel was tricky to implement.

It isnt compatible at the momeent with the other Amstrad CPC synthesizers : Dktronics and SSA-1. Emic 2 requires Start- (S) and End-Token (CR) - whereas Dktronics and SSA-1 simply send the allophones. Emic 2 works buffered, asynchronously, Dk'tronics and SSA-1 work synchronously. To make it compatible with SSA-1 and Dk'tronics, it would a) need to translate between allophone bytes and Emic 2 "equivalents", and b) figure out start- and end-token and shuffle them into the data stream (maybe based on a speech pause timing criterion). Not so obvious. Speech won't be synchronous, but maybe doable.?

New version of Arnold, the Amstrad CPC emulator by Kevin Thacker


Arnold build 20170513 is the new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator by Kevin Thacker.