Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Interview of Jorge Azpiri by Un pasado mejor


Jorge Azpiri, nephew of Alfonso Azpiri (a great illustrator who died in August 2017) has been interviewed by Un pasado mejor (spanish). He made the graphics for the Amstrad CPC Navy Moves game (Dinamic) and for other 16bit Topo Soft games (Lorna, Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, Titanic).

A WIP Toki Amstrad CPC 6128(+) game by AmstradGPP


A first teaser appeared on the 3th April on Twitter, and no it's not faked news. Toki is a work in progress by two frogs. It wwill be released first on Amstrad CPC 6128 (forget 64 Kb CPC without memory extension) then a bit later on CPC+.

Toki for Amstrad CPC wont use the hardware to the maximum but will have all graphics, monsters and levels. The sound part and programmation are well advanced.

Their twitter has messages in french, english and spanish !

M7-Galaxy and Zen80 boards by Duke


Everybody know the M4 wifi board by Duke for our Amstrad CPC. The M7-Galaxy board is an extended version of the M4 but intented for the Amstrad GX4000 as the board will interface inside the Z80 socket while le processor is on the board. It features :

  • WiFi
  • disk drive emulation, it emulates the DFC765 chip so all read/write accesses are redirected to a .DSK image like a Gotek or HxC without the need of a FDC chip
  • Rom board
  • cartridge emulation
  • RAM expansion, probably 320 Kb + the original 64 Kb
  • using a wireless keyboard and mouse

So you can upgrade an Amstrad GX4000 in an Amstrad CPC+ without any soldering. For more informations, see Duke's page.

front of the galaxy board by duke for Amstrad GX4000

back of the galaxy board by duke for Amstrad GX4000

GX4000 without the galaxy board by duke

GX4000 with the galaxy board by duke

The Zen80 board is similar to the galaxy board, but is used as the M4 board : externally and not internally. It will feature 8MB SDRAM (and MCU with more GPIO's), which would be hard to fit in the internal version without going BGA.

The boards will have an approximative price of 60 euros, there is no preorder at the moment.

Memory Full, the memory of the Amstrad CPC demoscene get some Push'n Pop content


Memory Full got a few days ago the authorization to put some content of the defunct site Push'n Pop on theirs.

It means for example interviews (No Recess, Voxfreax, Batman Forever team, Fano, Lotharek and Jeff, Wake Up! team, Ronaldo) and technical stuff (Zoom initiation, La genèse du Starkos).

Eight Amstrad CPC musics remixed on the Youtube channel OverClocked ReMix


I won't write eight different news, so head to OverClocked ReMix to listen to eight remix of Amstrad CPC musics : Robocop, Ghosts'n Goblins, Space Harrier, Cauldron 2, Arkanoid (2 remixes), Dizzy the adventurer and Lemmings.

3D Fight by Vincent Baillet, longplay and music on a synthetizer


3D Fight is a shoot them up in 3D on Amstrad CPC by Vincent Baillet (code) and Michel WINOGRADOFF (music). It's a great classic that I finished if my memory is good. You can find an interview in french in the issue 19 of Pix'n Love.

You can see two videos :

Firmware update for the TZXDuino to load Amstrad CPC tapes


To load an Amstrad CPC tape (or a ZX Spectrum one), you can use :

In november 2017, a new version of the TZX duino was released with a percentage counter and a timer counter have been added to all screens, and in March 2018 the possiblity to do some firmare editing (type of screen, logo...).

You can buy the TZXduino in the author's shop.

ZEsarUX v7.0, an Amstrad CPC 464 emulator (other computers like ZX Spectrum too)


ZEsarUX v7.0 is a multi platform emulator, Amstrad CPC 464 included. You can compile the unix sources directly or get a binary for :

  • linux 32/64 bits
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Raspberry pi (raspbian)