September 2002 archives


The meeting Bordelik 5 will take place in Rennes (France) from saturday 9th to monday 11th november 2002. For more informations, get the invitation.

Another way to buy belts for 3 inch drives, go to Conrad, paper catalogue reference : 0349 097-30 (page 218 on french catalogue I suppose) or internet catalogue reference : 349097-62. It's 10 belts of different sizes ((91-76-66-55-46 mm x 2 each), for 4,95 euros (check the price, seems to change with each country).


A bit of turbo pascal programming (version 7.01 of TP is available on borland site) plus the use of Free Pascal gives new files HTML pages, respects the wrapping of the FILE_ID.DIZ files limited to 45 characters and also translate french accentued characters.

Joyce v2.1.1 is out, it corrects a problem with printing.

Sad news, the Phenix Informatique (a good french web site) is no more after the loss of files :-(

Go download CPCE v1.01 which countains a bugfix of this CPC emulator.


A new version of Arnold/linux by Nurgle is out.

Remember playing fairlight ? Go have a look then, there is a nice looking non playable demo to download.

If you like remakes, here are other remakes :


Get the latest beta version of CPC++ emulator for MAC OSX.

Lately CPC Museum got several updates, the latest is some scan covers.


Go to 2002 MiniGame Compo, the 1 Kb games can be downloaded so you can vote for them, there are 3 Amstrad CPC programs.


CPCE v1.0 is out for dos 16bit/32bit and win9x !


Fantasy, a very nice french Amstrad CPC+ demo by Semilanceata, with english text, 1 .DSK

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