June 1999 archives


CPC/IP v0.05 is out, the main change is the availability of a DNS server. You can also get it at the CPC/IP homepage.


Richard Wilson released a new version of his Amstrad CPC/CPC+ emulator for win9x : WinApe32, many improvements to the CRTC emulation, volume control now, fixed support for .ARC disc images, couple of other bug fixes too.


If you are a fan of Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner, go to Home of Craig'S'oftware, the msdos conversion v1.0 of JSW and MM is now out.


Get Coders Paradise 1 and Coders Paradise 2, a german disk zine about programmation by Wizcat, or go to Wizcat homepage.

Caprice32 v1.01 is out !


New version 007 of the Amstrad CPC Linux/Unix emulator for X11 by Ulrich Cordes. Get it here or at Ulrich Cordes homepage.


Mark Rison released an Amstrad CPC screen saver and a Z80 symbolic disassembler which comes as C sources to be compiled with GCC it seems (DJGPP should work too). You can also get these programs at the CPC/IP homepage.

I finished the french traduction of the Caprice32 documentation yesterday. If Ulrich receives the other traductions, new version should be out soon.


Get Unirefresh v1.3 here or at its homepage, it's an utility which will be useful with Caprice32.

I am looking for a picture of a 3" disk to add it to the site, does anyone have this ?

Well, just a moment before, and I could have won my own CD, I was the 1001th visitor ! People seems really interested in winning the CD as there were about 20 visitors each day, and there were about 4 times more visitors today !

Ulrich Doewich sent me the Caprice32 documentation to be translated in french. I will finish it today. There will be also a german, spanish and norvegian translation. The next release should be soon available.

New link added, go to ACBM - le Virus informatique. ACBM is a french compagny which publish three computer newspapers :

So if you are interested in some CPC/PCW/NC hardware go to their site and type an ads which will be in the next issue of Les Puces informatiques.

A precision about my birthday contest. The winner was François Chesnay. He used the program mathematica to help him calculate the different solutions of the problem :

If n=3, age is either 12, 21 or 30.
If n=5, age is 32.
If n=6, age is either 24 or 42.
If n=8, age is 17.
If n=9, age is 18, 36 or 63

Then he decided that the solution was either 30 (n=3) or 32 (n=5) and guess rightfully by choosing 30 years.

After this birthday contest, there is a new way to win an A.F.C. CD : be the 1000th guest of this page, take a snapshot of your screen (use the Print Screen key, and paste the screen in a graphic program to transform it in a GIF or JPG), then send me the image.


French solution of Sauvez Yurk, an Ubi Soft adventure game for Amstrad CPC, OCRed from Amstrad 100%.


The A.F.C. CD is now available. The price is 45 FF. The files are up to 4th june 1999. The CD has all my Amstrad BBS files (ftp.lip6.fr + files on this site) and other computer files (Atari, Amiga, MSX, C64, Apple, etc...). You can pay the CD with french francs, an international postal order (go to your post office) or with Euros. Checks must be written to Emmanuel Roussin.

The new address of the Sentinel PC conversion called Sentry is here.


I mentionned six days ago the site Classic Adventures Solution Archive which has about 300 solutions of 8bit games, but forgot to add it to the games links page. It's now corrected. Don't hesitate to go this site which will help you to finish games you started many years ago.

I added two new books, links to online book order sites and the cover/ISBN of the original english version of Programming the Z80 by Rodnay Zaks. Do you prefer only one list of books, or one page with english books, and one page with french books ? I am also interested in informations/cover of german Amstrad related books. Write to me if you can help.


If you played Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's revenge, you will like their msdos conversion and the win9x Lords of Midnight conversion. You can find them at Anam. I finished LOM on my CPC, and nearly finished DDR, they were great games.

Sapiens is another CPC game (I also finished it) that you can now play on win9x and MAC, a game where you play a member of a neanderthal tribe who must feed his starving tribe. This new Sapiens (click on games on quick links) version adds beautiful graphism and new features such as human companion or animal companion. It is written by Didier and Olivier Guillion. I registered this shareware, I hope you will also do it if you like this nice game.


New file added, get Sentry v1.06, a remake of the game Sentinel for win9x. You will also find this remake and other conversions of 8bit games on the Remakes page.


New link added, go to Tolkien computer games for the Amstrad CPC.

New link added, go to Imperial Mage, where you would find the Divine megademo and YM music files.

New file added, get the updated (march 1998) Flags Slideshow by Nicholas Campbell, for 128 Ko CPC only, features a slideshow of 217 flags and a game.

New solution added for knightmare written by Nicholas Campbell in HTML format. Knightmare is an adventure game by Activision in 1987.


The contest is finished, my age is 3 * 3 * 3 + 3 = 30. The lucky winner will receive soon a CD.

A new emulator by Ulrich Cordes : CPC-emulator for Linux/unix with X11 version 006. There is no support for disk, sound or hardware scrolling for the moment. Get it here or at Ulrich Cordes homepage.

I archived the news of april and may 99 (look at the bottom of this page).

Magnetic Fields (known as Mr. Chips Software in the 1980's) allows their 8bit titles to be freely available. Go to the history link and then to the bottom of this page go to the prereleases link. Other companies which lets their old games be freely available are Gremlins interactive (retrogames link) and Beam International at this page.


Ovation 5, the greek disk zine by Dirty Minds is out. get it here or at Dirty minds homepage.

The documentation of CaPriCe32 is 80% done. Ulrich should finish it in a day or two. I will then translate it into french.


Today is my birthday. The fact isn't very interesting, what is interesting is that the first person who will find my age wins a CD with all ftp.lip6.fr files (and other emulation files too). So to find my age you must use only one digit, and use it four times with whatever +, -, /, *, raise to a nth power. If you add the digits of my age, you will still find the same digit you used four times (I really hope there is only one solution :-) ). Two hints : I am more than 9 years and less than 70 years. If you find something, then write to me.

I made a mistake by putting the Unique demo on this site, as NWC asks for his permission to do this. The problem is that I didn't read the readme.1st which was in the archive. So please go at his homepage if you want to download this demo (you will find also his other demos).

I added a link to the french speaking mailing list at the bottom of the links page.

Three new games solutions coming from Classic Adventures Solution Archive for Heroes of Karn, Jewels of Babylon and Warlord.


CPC/IP v0.04 is out with minor modifications. You can also get it at the CPC/IP homepage.


I started a new sub page about Amstrad books with scans of covers, ISBN number, a description of the book and with help of people some DSK files if the book has listings.

New file added, get Turbo Transfer v0.80 here or on its author home page. It's an utility to transfer a .DSK image from PC to CPC in just 56 seconds !

Get Life a colourful life game by Nicholas Campbell and Pacman and Pacdog, a Pacman clone by XOR.

The Balrog link has been corrected.

I have added all the links of the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ to the links page. If you know a link to an Amstrad page which isn't here, please write me, thanks.

New link added, go to CPC Games Reviews, the ultimate CPC games website for those of us who remember the days when there were some real classics.


New game solution : the morteville manor by Lankhor (le manoir de mortevieille).

I hope you appreciate the frames. I must now add tables to the links page.

Get CPC is back, a PC demo made in 1995 by Arkham, a french demo group. This demo features of course an Amstrad CPC. There is also a recent french demo featuring too an Amstrad. I hope to get it soon.


CPC/IP v0.03 is out ! The new features are very rudimentary TCP layer implemented (enough for a finger client), TFTP server now handles AMSDOS errors and reports them remotely. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. You can also get it at the CPC/IP homepage.

A little more informations on the A.F.C. page.

I will add soon a page with photos of CPC and hardware add-ons.

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