December 2001 archives


The results for the logo contest are out :

To thank all those who took time to create one or even several logos, the first 3rd winners all wins what was the 1st gift (1 CD AFC and 2 belts), all other contesters will receive the CD AFC too. So send me your postal address now.

All logos will be used on the site.


Get a danish demo made by the Psyhix group.

The vote for the logo contest is ended, results will be soon published.

Get Amstrad Print v1.1 here or from Tim's Amstrad NC users site, to print from a NC on your PC printer.

More than 300 .DSK files not known to GoodCPC on site.

You will find on Tototeseb some of the issues of the french paper zine Amstrad 100% ready to download as scans and also asci files.


Get the HMS Cobra game, by Cobra Soft, complete with the map.


Lankhor is shutting down its business :-(


Damned, nobody wrote me about the wrong link for voting, the good links were only on the french page ! Now I understand why I had so few votes. By the way, the vote will end the 20th december. Look at the logos and go vote.

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